How much time between plane & car? Does the price really include everything? How do I charge my car? Can I book without being registered?... All the answers HERE.
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Will someone assist me if I need help?

Yes. You can live chat our team at any time.

What is VAT?

VAT (or TVA) is the Value Added Tax required to be paid on all sorts of service and goods.

Where do I find superchargers?

The car navigation system directs you to all charging options available or use the UFODRIVE APP to find the best charging closest to you..

Where do I return my car?

The car park address is registered as home address in your car. Follow the instructions on the app to find the way.

Where do I book a car with UFODRIVE?

Go to our Booking' section or book a car via the UFODRIVE app.

What if I have an international Driver's license?

You will need a driver licence valid in the EU. Please contact us in case of any doubt..

Where can I get the app?

The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple app Store.

When do I know that my booking is complete?

You will see a confirmation screen on your desktop or phone and an email notification when your booking has been confirmed.

What is the smoking policy of UFODRIVE?

Smoking is forbidden in UFODRIVE cars.

What's the registration process?

The registration process guides you via the app to upload copies of your ID document and driver license. This has to be completed before you can pick up your car.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc). Debit cards are not accepted.

What is the story of UFODRIVE?

Following another particularly poor customer experience at a major European Airport involving a long queue at the car rental booth, confusing insurance and extras options, pushy sales reps, a slow paper-based process and then trying to find the car, which wasn’t the model ordered, Aidan McClean decided there was going to be a better way!On the flight home Aidan sketched out the concept for a car rental experience, from a totally customer-centric perspective with the EV revolution in mind.

What is the minimum driver age?

The minimum driver age depends on the country where the travel takes place. In most places, the minimum age is 26 years old.

What is the range of my car?

All our cars are the latest premium electric models. With our APP charging support we've never had a customer range issue. Examples of typical ranges are:
TESLA Model S has a typical range of 385 km.
New NISSAN Leaf has a range of 240 km.
JAGUAR I-Pace has a range of 340 km.
You can find an overview of each EV we rent on UFODRIVE's fleet page.

What is the cancellation policy?

5 days before we refund 100%
4 days before we refund 80%
3 days before we refund 60%
2 days before we refund 40%
24h before we refund 20%
Less than 24h day 0% refund

What is included in the daily price?

The price includes:
- Fuel cost - you can bring the car back at any charge level you want
- Fast Track premium location
- Unlimited kilometers (fair usage policy applies - see our terms)
- Damage insurance - with only €500 excess (Luxembourg) & €1000 (Belgium) for your whole journey
- Third-party as well as driver insurance
- Road side assistance and additional drivers - provided they are registered users of UFODRIVE

What if I'm delayed or want to extend?

Contact us on the chat on the app or booking@ufodrive.com. This functionality will soon be available in the app.

What happens if I exceed the legal speed limit?

Legal and national speed limits and general traffic rules apply at all times. It is your obligation to drive carefully and observe all speed limits. Any speeding fines incurred plus an administration fee will be charged back to you.

What happens if I exceed the mileage / kilometers booked with the car? Can I pay the additional charges upon returning the car?

You can exceed your mileage but you will not benefit from the 33% discount you normally get when purchasing them upfront. Additional mileage will be charged to your card at 0.3 per additional kilometer (respectively ~0.3 per additional mile for rentals taking place in the US and UK).

What happens if I don't use all the mileage I paid for?

Unused additional mileage can be refunded provided there is more than 50% left.

What happens after registration?

Your scanned documents will be verified and your rental will be finalised.

What does the included insurance cover?

Please check our Terms & Conditions.

If it's your first time driving a Tesla Model S

What does free refueling mean?

Recharging of your car is already included in the price

What charging networks can I use?

The network is constantly evolving and we are providing charging cards compatible with most of the available chargers andthe most well-known providers like Allego

What are the navigation features included?

Soon you can discover the navigation features of the TESLA Model S

What are the general terms & conditions of UFODRIVE car rental?

Please find the Terms & Conditions here.

What are the different available electric cars?

Availability of EV types varies depending on the location. You can see our full fleet on our fleet page.

What are the design & performance features of the electric vehicles in the UFODRIVE fleet?

You can discover UFODRIVE's electric cars on the fleet page.

What are the audio system features possible?

Soon you can discover the audio features of the TESLA Model S

What is the minimum electric charge level when returning?

The charge level must be at 5% or above upon returning.

Is there a way to reduce the insurance excess?

If you would like to re-insure the excess and reduce your potential liability in case of accidental damage to zero

Is there a Charging Adapter for ChaDeMo or CCS-2 included in Ireland?

CCS-2 is included in Ireland

Does my additional driver also have to meet the minimum age requirement?


Is it possible to charge the car at home ?


Is the mileage allowance per day or per rental period

The allowance shown on personalization and confirmation screen is for the whole rental period.

Is insurance included in the price?

Yes it is. There is an excess than can be further reduced for a small per day fee should you wish to do so.

Can I add an additional driver for free?

Yes. The additional driver will need to register for an account and be validated before driving.

Can I add an additional driver the day of driving?

It can be done after booking as long as it is before the contract is signed. Please note the additional driver's account will have to be validated before driving as well.

I live outside the UK but want to rent in London - Is a utility bill required to start my rental?

We are obliged by our UK insurance provider to have a copy of a recent utility bill (less than 3 months old) on file for all UK rentals in order to start your rental.

What age do I need to be to book a car?

Due to insurance reasons it can vary from 18 to 30 years old depending on the car model and the location. The correct requirement is displayed on confirmation page of the booking process. If you're unsure you can contact customer support by chat.

How to retrieve my car at the airport?

Detailed instructions will be provided in the app. You can also consult the details of each locationshereto get more information now.

How will I unlock the car?

Your phone is your key. Youwill unlock the car using the UFODRIVE app. Just follow the instructions on the APP to lock and unlock the car.

How will I drive the car?

The car user guide will help you to start the car if you have any questions.

How to book for a third party?

How to add an additional driver?

Use the APP to add up to three free additional drivers. Note they must be within the Age limits of the car specified

How many miles/kilometers are included in the rental?

Mileage is unlimited however a fair usage policy applies to prevent abuse. This fair usage policy will typically be 350km per rental day but may be extended. Please find details in our Terms & conditions. In case of doubt please contact us.

How long in advance do I need to register before my first ride?

Please note your account needs to be validated before the start date of the rental period. To validate

How long after i returned the car will the car be inspected by an agent

The car is usually checked within the next twobusiness hours (this could bemore during week-ends or at night). In the meantime the car is never touched nor moved and watched by security camera.

How far in advance of my flight departure time should I drop-off the car at the UFObay?

UFODRIVE offers the closest locations at the airport

How do I use UFODRIVE?

UFODRIVE is the fastest, easiest car rental experience. Simply download the app, register, reserve your bar in <5 min, and unlock your car. New to Evs? Our technology will guide you throughout your journey or you can live chat with our team.

How is UFODRIVE different from conventional airport car rental companies?

UFODRIVE will make you love renting a car.Our mission is to make car rental simple, easy, fast, convenient and very cool. Entirely using our smartphone UFODRIVE App, customers can experience an incredible electric ride with a Tesla or any other premium EV car from our 100% electric fleet. Using UFODRIVE technology, our customers avoid the usual delays and stress of car rental while driving cars of the future.

How far in advance do I need to make my reservation?

UFODRIVE is a 24/7 car rental service

How far can you drive on one charge?

It depends on the car. It would typically be between 300 and 400km.

How do I use a voucher code?

When you are in our booking page

How do I use the app to retrieve and unlock the car? What happens?

The app will guide you from Arrivals to the UFObay. Follow the instructions on your phone screen: "Find my car".

How do I use a referral code from a friend?

When you are in our booking page

How do I plan recharging stops during my trip when doing long distances?

Charging stops are easily planned by using the car's navigation system.

How do I retrieve my receipt from a past rental? How do I get an invoice?

You will automatically receive an invoice via email a couple of days after your rental ends.

How do I know when the car is fully charged without the Tesla App (to avoid the blocking fee)?

Please check your UFODRIVE application and you will be able to see the charging status of your car.

How do I extend my rental? App is not allowing me to edit but it seems cars are available

Please see how to change your rental here https://vimeo.com/522271566as well as the link of how-tovideoshttps://media.ufodrive.com/app-guideto learn the fundamentals of your car and the UFODRIVE app.

How do I charge my car?

You can easily charge your car at thousands of charge points in the UK, US, & EU. For example, for Tesla, you can use the Tesla SuperCharger network for fast charging up to 80% Battery in 20mins! You can also use or use other public and private charging networks. Use the UFODRIVE APP to navigate to the best charging solution nearest you. Charging is simple and clearly explained in the in-car guide. You can find more specific information for each car on the fleet page.

How do I contact UFODRIVE roadside assistance?

During a rental, UFODRIVE 24/7 assistance can be found in the app, in the Help section, as chat or direct call. Our operators will redirect you to the roadside assistance if required.

How do I change the time of my reservation?

You can do it directly from our App by clicking the 'Amend' button on an existing booking from the main dashboard.

For which smartphones is the app available?

The app is both available for both Android and Apple devices.

Does UFODRIVE offer child seats?


Does my car charge on all available chargers?

All cars can be charged at home using domestic sockets and on public charging stations or destination chargers.
The in-car guide contains all information needed on charging options.

Do you need a smartphone and the app in order to use UFODRIVE?


Do you have a Telsa X or another 7-seater option?

We are sorry but we don't have any 7-seater options available for the moment.

Do you have a referral program? Can I refer a friend?


Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes! UFODRIVEprovides generous loyalty credits in additional to carbon savings credits with every rental. Just checkout your loyalty account via the APP after each rental.

Do the cars have the Swiss Motorway sticker (40 CHF) ?

No. They don't.

Do I need to sign up & create a login?


Do I need to pay for electric charging?


Do I need to inspect the car at the start of my rental?


Do I need to have the credit card I used to book with me when picking up the car?


Can I use a visa debit card?


Can the additional drivers unlock and lock the car with their phone?

The car is locked/unlocked with a virtual key that is downloaded on the main driver's phone.

Can i return the ev rental to a different location from the originally booked?


Can I rent an UFODRIVE car at one location and return it to another?

Not yet. We are currently developing this option.

Can I drive to another EU country?


Can I drop the car off at a different place from pick up?

Unfortunately not a the moment except between Brussels Airport and City Center for a fee.

Can I drive from Ireland to the UK via the ferry from Dublin port?

The answer is Yes. Our Irish clients can drive to the UK and all EU countries.

Can I book outside of normal operating hours?


Can I add a second driver after I have picked up the car?


Are UFODRIVE cars accepted in the 'LEZ' (low emission zone) of Brussels?


Are toll fees included in the rental?

Any additional tolls and fees incured during your booking will be charged to your card on conclusion of your rental.

Are cars equipped with Isofix feature?


Are dogs allowed in your cars?

No pets are allowed in the cars.

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