Will someone assist me if I need help?

Yes. You can live chat our team at any time.

Where do I return my car?

The car park address is registered as home address in your car. Follow the instructions on the app to find the way.

What is the smoking policy of UFODRIVE?

Smoking is forbidden in UFODRIVE cars.

What if I'm delayed or want to extend?

Contact us on the chat on the app or booking@ufodrive.com. This functionality will soon be available in the app.

What happens if I exceed the legal speed limit?

Legal and national speed limits and general traffic rules apply at all times. It is your obligation to drive carefully and observe all speed limits. Any speeding fines incurred plus an administration fee will be charged back to you.

What happens if I exceed the mileage / kilometers booked with the car? Can I pay the additional charges upon returning the car?

You can exceed your mileage but you will not benefit from the 33% discount you normally get when purchasing them upfront. Additional mileage will be charged to your card at 0.3 per additional kilometer (respectively ~0.3 per additional mile for rentals taking place in the US and UK).

What happens if I don't use all the mileage I paid for?

Unused additional mileage can be refunded provided there is more than 50% left.

Is the mileage allowance per day or per rental period

The allowance shown on personalization and confirmation screen is for the whole rental period.

How will I unlock the car?

Your phone is your key. Youwill unlock the car using the UFODRIVE app. Just follow the instructions on the APP to lock and unlock the car.

How will I drive the car?

The car user guide will help you to start the car if you have any questions.

How many miles/kilometers are included in the rental?

Mileage is unlimited however a fair usage policy applies to prevent abuse. This fair usage policy will typically be 350km per rental day but may be extended. Please find details in our Terms & conditions. In case of doubt please contact us.

How do I use the app to retrieve and unlock the car? What happens?

The app will guide you from Arrivals to the UFObay. Follow the instructions on your phone screen: "Find my car".

How do I contact UFODRIVE roadside assistance?

During a rental, UFODRIVE 24/7 assistance can be found in the app, in the Help section, as chat or direct call. Our operators will redirect you to the roadside assistance if required.

Do the cars have the Swiss Motorway sticker (40 CHF) ?

No. They don't.

Do I need to inspect the car at the start of my rental?


Can I drop the car off at a different place from pick up?

Unfortunately not a the moment except between Brussels Airport and City Center for a fee.

Can I drive to another EU country?


Can I drive from Ireland to the UK via the ferry from Dublin port?

The answer is Yes. Our Irish clients can drive to the UK and all EU countries.

Are UFODRIVE cars accepted in the 'LEZ' (low emission zone) of Brussels?


Are toll fees included in the rental?

Any additional tolls and fees incured during your booking will be charged to your card on conclusion of your rental.

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