Will someone assist me if I need help?

Yes our support team are available 24/7. You can contact them by sending a message on the app chat via the ? icon and our team will be happy to assist you.

Where do I return my car?

The return instructions on the app will show you how and where to return your car

What is the smoking policy?

Smoking is forbidden in UFODRIVE cars.

What happens if I exceed the legal speed limit?

Legal and national speed limits and general traffic rules apply at all times. It is your obligation to drive carefully and observe all speed limits. If we notice repeated excessive speeding, your UFODRIVE account could be suspended/revoked. Any speeding fines incurred plus an administration fee will be charged back to you.

What happens if I exceed the mileage I booked?

Additional mileage is charged at 20 cents/pence per unit and will be included on your final invoice.

What if I'm delayed or want to extend?

If you need to extend your rental, you can do so from the app as long as there is availability. If you're delayed and want to notify a late return please advise us via the live chat in the app.

What happens if I don't use all the mileage I paid for?

We do not refund for unused mileage. Prepaid mileage is offered at a discount, so it's recommended to estimate mileage as best as you can when booking.

Do the cars have the Swiss Motorway sticker (40 CHF) ?

This is not included and will need to be purchased by the renter.

Do I need to inspect the car at the start of my rental?

Yes, at the start and end of your rental. You will need to take 6 photos of the vehicle via the "vehicle inspection" tab in the app.

Can I drop the car off at a different place from pick up?

No, your vehicle must be returned to the same location from where you started.

Can I drive to another EU country?

Yes, cross border travel to other EU countries is permitted across continental Europe

Can I drive from Ireland to the UK via the ferry from Dublin port?

No, rentals originating in Ireland must remain on the Island of Ireland. Driving to Northern Ireland is permitted.

Are UFODRIVE cars accepted in the 'LEZ' (low emission zone) of Brussels?


Are toll fees included in the rental?

Depending on where you are, tolls may be included. Please refer to this list:

Germany: Tolls, Tunnels, Ferry’s etc. are not included.
Austria: The Austrian cars are equipped with a Vignette (Pickerl) to use Highways in Austria, however other tolls, tunnels, or ferries that are not included in the Vignette and need to be paid by customers individually.
Spain: Tolls, tunnels, ferries are not covered.
UK: Only London congestion zone is covered. No other tolls, tunnels or ferries are covered.
Ireland: Tolls and tunnels are included. Ferries are not included.
Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg/ France: No tolls, tunnels, or ferries are covered.
USA: Tolls and tunnels are included; ferries are not included. Please be aware of local restrictions. You are responsible for using unrestricted or high occupancy lanes. Cash only tolls are excluded and the responsibility of the driver.