Where do I find superchargers?

The car navigation system directs you to all charging options available or use the UFODRIVE APP to find the best charging closest to you..

What charging networks can I use?

The network is constantly evolving and we are providing charging cards compatible with most of the available chargers andthe most well-known providers like Allego

What is the minimum electric charge level when returning?

The charge level must be at 5% or above upon returning.

Is there a Charging Adapter for ChaDeMo or CCS-2 included in Ireland?

CCS-2 is included in Ireland

Is it possible to charge the car at home ?


How far can you drive on one charge?

It depends on the car. It would typically be between 300 and 400km.

How do I plan recharging stops during my trip when doing long distances?

Charging stops are easily planned by using the car's navigation system.

How do I know when the car is fully charged without the Tesla App (to avoid the blocking fee)?

Please check your UFODRIVE application and you will be able to see the charging status of your car.

How do I charge my car?

You can easily charge your car at thousands of charge points in the UK, US, & EU. For example, for Tesla, you can use the Tesla SuperCharger network for fast charging up to 80% Battery in 20mins! You can also use or use other public and private charging networks. Use the UFODRIVE APP to navigate to the best charging solution nearest you. Charging is simple and clearly explained in the in-car guide. You can find more specific information for each car on the fleet page.

Does my car charge on all available chargers?

All cars can be charged at home using domestic sockets and on public charging stations or destination chargers.
The in-car guide contains all information needed on charging options.

Do I need to pay for electric charging?


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