Rent a Polestar 2

UFODRIVE is the leading self-service electric car rental company in Europe.We deliver a premium rental experience using exclusively electric cars. Today, you can rent a CUPRA Born, Tesla Model Y, VW iD.3, Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model S. New electric car models are added to the fleet as soon as they are released: Further models coming soon. Electric cars are not just a game changer for the environment. Driving electric is easy and amazing - click here to find out why electric is better.

The Basics

The Polestar 2 is superb quality and provides a smooth and comfortable drive. With a beautifully built cabin and effortless performance, the Polestar 2 accelerates from 0 to 62 miles per hour in as little as 4.7 seconds. The car offers five comfortable upholstered seats available in Charcoal or Slate and it is the first car to have Google built in on its 11.15 inch touchscreen infotainment system that can be operated by voice control for safe driving.

  • 78kWh Battery
  • Up to 240 miles range (varies, especially in cold weather and/or motorway driving)
  • 20” Wheels
  • All-wheel drive

Rent a Polestar 2 today, you won’t look back!

Driving Experience
The all-wheel drive of the POLESTAR gives a powerful, quick and smooth driving experience. The POLESTAR has a long-range dual motor which, despite its weight, provides plenty of power.

Comfort and Space
The POLESTAR is comfortable and spacious carefully designed using innovative materials for a modern feel. Small details have a big impact and the Interior lighting contributes to a fresh and clean atmosphere. The POLESTAR can fit adults to sit comfortably in the front and rear seats.

The POLESTAR 2 is the world's first car to have Google built In. The driver-oriented interface on the 11.2 Inch screen centre display Is Instantly familiar with an uncluttered look. The car also offers a high-performance audio system that delivers high fidelity sound throughout the cabin.

If you haven’t driven electric before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The car is quiet, and the drive is extremely smooth. Charging is no longer an issue due to the extensive network of chargers which are integrated through the UFODRIVE app.

There’s no doubt that driving an electric vehicle is better for the environment. Try the Polestar 2 today and experience the future of driving for yourself.


  • 11.2” touchscreen
  • Navigation for route planning with all charging points integrated in your route
  • Google built-in
  • Trunk space of 405 litres
  • 5 adults


Charging is straightforward and widely available thanks to the growing network and destination chargers across Europe. You simply need to 1- Plan your journey, 2- Refuel your car and 3- Enjoy your free time during the 25-40min charging time.


Your car’s navigation system will guide you in planning your route. .



Charging with UFODRIVE is easy, you just have to plug in the charging station cable to the car like on the picture. Use the charging cards included for free charging during the duration of your rental.



You will be able to recharge to 80% capacity in between 25 and 60min. Enough time for a coffee or to explore the onboard infotainment system!


It has never been so easy!
You are guided at every step of your journey by the UFODRIVE app and our 24/7 customer support are available if you have any questions.