Rotterdam Central Station
The Netherlands
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The Netherlands


The UFODRIVE premium car rental bay is situated right below the Market hall indoor food court, on level -2 of the Markthal car park in the city center of Rotterdam.

Open the app, it will show you the way.
Take the elevator or escalator down to level -2 of the Markthal car park. The UFOBay is located in row C, directly around the corner from where all cars enter and leave the car park.

Return the car to the same location. When you drive onto Dominee Jan Scharpstraat, you will notice a large entrance right in front of you. As you enter the car park choose the right lane. When you reach level -2, make a sharp right turn. The UFOBay is located on your right. Drop off your car at the UFOBay and inspect and close your car with the app. You're ready to go!

Open 24/7
UFODRIVE Rotterdam city center
Interparking Markthal
Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 306
3011 GZ Rotterdam
The Netherlands