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Tesla Rental in Germany

UFODRIVE Berlin - Electric Car Rental in Berlin City Center


Rent your Tesla right in Berlin City Center in Mall of Berlin

The UFODRIVE premium car rental bay is located on Parkdeck B, Level -2 of the Apcoa Carpark at Mall of Berlin.

After your booking is confirmed, just open the UFODRIVE app, it will show you the way.

Enter the Mall of Berlin Westside on foot from the Voßstraße end and take the first main entrance on the right. Turn right again to find the lifts and descend to -2. Exit the lifts by turning to the right and entering the car park. Follow the pedestrian path straight on and right for 40M . You will find the brightly lit and clearly indicated UFObay on your left.

Mall of Berlin in the heart of the city is easy to access via Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Train Station), Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz and Berlin Airport BER's FEX (Flughafen Express, Airport Express Train)

Return your electric car 24/7 in Berlin Potsdamer Platz

Return the car to the same location.

The UFObay return location is the same as where you picked up your car (Parkdeck B). Driving in from the Voßstraße entrance, turn right down the ramp and continue down taking the first right turn to enter Parkdeck B. Enter through the barrier and follow the traffic flow right around the perimeter of the car park to reach the UFObay.

After arriving, drop off your car at the UFObay. Inspect and close your car with the app. You're ready to go!

Open 24/7
UFODRIVE Berlin City
APCOA Parkhaus – Mall of Berlin 
Leipziger Platz 12 
10117 Berlin

Informationen in deutscher Sprache zu UFODRIVE Berlin finden Sie hier.

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