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UFODRIVE lands in New York

UFODRIVE lands in New York

UFODRIVE, the first electric vehicle rental company expands its US presence to Boston.

UFODRIVE, the highest-rated car rental experience in the world has now landed in New York. Following three successful US openings in San Francisco, Austin, and Boston in less than four months with further expansion plans for Las Vegas and Miami.

“We maintained our 5* service ratings and are working round the clock to get more cars on the road nationwide,”  said Edmund Read, UFODRIVE’s Chief Commercial Officer.  “Demand for electric rental is growing fast and electric platforms enable a redefinition of the rental experience from start to finish.  We hope to be one of the killer apps that drives EV adoption and disrupts the legacy rental experience.”      

The newest UFOBay offers premium Tesla rentals, including the Tesla Model Y and the Tesla Model 3 - Long Range AWD, in the prime location of 330 West 58th Street, Columbus Circle. For more details on how to get there and get driving, click here.

UFODRIVE is the world’s first all-digital, all-electric car rental experience controlled by an app, now providing car rental in Boston 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. UFODRIVE is currently the highest-rated car rental experience in the world with no waiting in line, no paperwork, and free charging provided with every rental.

“In only a few years, we’ve helped customers drive over 15 million fully electric miles. Behind the scenes we try to solve every anxiety and make the enhanced electric driving experience a reality for our customers,” said Aidan McClean, CEO & co-founder of UFODRIVE. “We wanted to make rental less painful and pioneer the shift to electric, but our customer ratings consistently tell us it's radically better.”  

UFODRIVE is now available in 9 countries and 27 locations globally with locations including London, San Francisco, Austin, Paris, Berlin, Dublin, and Amsterdam. Book your next journey now with UFODRIVE.

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