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                   UFODRIVE lands in Austin, Texas

UFODRIVE lands in Austin, Texas

UFODRIVE, the first electric vehicle rental company expands US presence to Austin and New York City

Following their success in San Francisco, UFODRIVE brings the highest-rated car rental experience on the market to Austin in September; New York in October; Miami, Chicago and beyond in Q4.

Following a sold-out launch in San Francisco, UFODRIVE, the pioneering EV native rental company is bringing the highest-rated car rental experience in the world to downtown Austin TX, Manhattan NY, Union Square in San Francisco CA, and beyond. Austin customers can book and drive from the 26th of September.  New Yorkers will be able to rent electricity in October. Doubling the fleet with a 2nd location in San Francisco will help serve all the customers who couldn’t find a car in August and September.  More locations are in production and to be announced soon.   


“It has been wonderful to serve so many customers in the Bay Area so quickly.  We maintained our 5* service ratings and are working round the clock to get more cars on the road nationwide,”  said Edmund Read, UFODRIVE’s Chief Commercial Officer.  “Demand for electric rental is growing fast and electric platforms enable a redefinition of the rental experience from start to finish.  We hope to be one of the killer apps that drives EV adoption and disrupts the legacy rental experience.”      


With parallel European launches in Frankfurt Airport, Stratford International, and downtown Madrid, UFODRIVE is now available in 9 countries and 25 locations including London, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Dublin, and Amsterdam. Their EV subscription product is available Europe-wide and coming this quarter to the US. 


“In only a few years, we’ve helped customers drive 15 million fully electric miles. Behind the scenes we try to solve every anxiety and make the enhanced electric driving experience a reality for our customers,” said Aidan McClean, CEO & co-founder of UFODRIVE. “We wanted to make rental less painful and pioneer the shift to electric, but our customer ratings consistently tell us it's radically better.” 


UFODRIVE’s platform is the first EV native rental system.  It’s been built from the ground up, rental by rental, to manage the anxieties and advantages of EVs. Everything from app-based booking & registration, keyless entry using your phone, range management, charging optimization, on-trip support, etc leverage the incredible capabilities that Internal Combustion platforms can’t match.  


“We’ve only just begun to expose the capabilities of EV platforms and match each to a new level of rental experience for our customers,” said Renaud Marquet, COO & co-founder of UFODRIVE“What really surprised us was how digitization of all aspects creates an operation that is 80% more efficient than traditional rental.  That means we can also be super competitive and nimble.”


UFODRIVE’s expertise has been validated by thousands of customers, multiple awards and, in March, a Series A led by Hertz and Certares – two of the biggest names in rental and travel.  Both recognize the importance of shifting the industry to electric and the unique position of UFODRIVE as the pioneering platform. To accelerate its North American expansion, UFODRIVE is partnering with Inspiration Fleet, the first EV-only fleet management company (eFMC). 

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UFODRIVE is pioneering the electric car revolution with its own all-electric car rental service powered by its unique end-to-end eMobility platform. It offers a 100% electric, 100% digital experience in 9 countries and 22 locations globally - delivering a radically better car rental experience that combines state-of-the-art technology and superior electric cars. With zero emissions, every journey via UFODRIVE helps avoid further pollution on roads and in the atmosphere. Customers can access and drive their car on their schedule, open 24/7, 365, and with optimized charging and routing using their advanced AI eMobility platform. UFODRIVE's contactless electric platform has also been developed to manage rental, shared, commercial, and private fleets - maximizing cost efficiency while providing an exceptional customer experience. For more information about UFODRIVE, visit

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