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Tesla mieten in Luxemburg

UFODRIVE Mietwagen am Luxemburg Airport

The UFODRIVE premium car rental bay is situated on level -2 of the

carpark adjoining the airport - in front of the airport building. This UFObay has been built as the first electric car rental space in Luxembourg!

Open the app, it will show you the way.
Follow the parking direction signs, take the lift two levels down, turn right and left to reach the UFObay.

Return the car to the same airport location.
When you enter Luxembourg airport area, at the roundabout, follow the sign for parking entrance B. After passing the barrier, go to level -2 and turn right and then left at the end of the row. Drop off your car at the UFObay. Inspect and close your car with the app. You're ready to take off!

Open 24/7
UFODRIVE Luxembourg Airport
Parking B
Luxembourg Airport
4 rue de Trèves
1110 Findel

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