UFODRIVE uses what3words to help drivers know exactly where to charge

UFODRIVE uses what3words to help drivers know exactly where to charge

  • The first all-digital, all-electric car rental service controlled from an app
  • UFODRIVE app now shows the what3words address of charging points along their route
  • what3words helps to improve the driving and charging experience for EV rental customers

UFODRIVE, the self-drive electric vehicle rental company, has integrated what3words into their customer app, allowing customers renting its market-leading EVs to easily find and navigate to charging points during their rental.

EV charge points can be difficult to locate, they occupy a small space in large car parks, at the roadside or on the grounds of large buildings like hotels or conference centres, making the experience of finding them a day-to-day challenge for drivers. Particularly for rental customers who are visiting unfamiliar places or may have less experience of driving an EV. 

UFODRIVE customers are often visitors to a city that is unfamiliar, using their  EV to get smoothly from A to B, without adding further carbon pollution to the atmosphere. Now incorporating what3words technology further guarantees that customers can find the correct charger first time, every time.

what3words’ innovative location technology divides the world into 3m squares and assigns each one a unique combination of 3 words: a what3words address. UFODRIVE shares the what3words locations of charge points within their app, ensuring customers will be able to enter and navigate to the precise 3m square where the charger is located. what3words provides the accuracy and simplicity that makes charge points easy to find, so drivers can set out on their journey safe in the knowledge that, should they need to find a charging point along their route, the UFODRIVE app with what3words will be able to direct them exactly to where the charge point is located.

UFODRIVE is growing fast, live across 17 locations in 8 countries and, with their current crowdfund  campaign (https://www.seedrs.com/ufodrive) are looking to continue to expand. As the first all-digital, all-electric car rental service controlled from an app, they’ve combined state-of-the-art technology with futuristic electric cars including the Tesla Model 3 and multi-award winning Jaguar iPace. UFODRIVE offers an incredible customer experience that’s simple, easy and fast.

Aidan McClean, CEO at UFODRIVE, explains that “We are proud to partner with what3words to simplify the charging process for our self-drive EV rental customers. UFODRIVE captures the desire for a better car rental experience and the growing consciousness of customers, who want to use greener technology and electric vehicles to move around cities. To make the customer experience even better, UFODRIVE now use what3words to deliver pinpoint accuracy for driving and charging. Together with the UFODRIVE app, this delivers the simplest, easiest  experience in car rental. What3words add to the growing number of innovations that are making the world’s cities more efficient to navigate.” 

Customers can access and drive their car on their schedule, and the UFODRIVE app shows  optimised charging locations with what3words and navigation routing using an advanced  e-Mobility platform.

UFODRIVE is available at key destinations in cities across Europe including Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, London, Paris and Amsterdam. 

To find out more or become a member, visit: https://www.ufodrive.com/