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 5 summer experiences that are much better in an EV

 5 summer experiences that are much better in an EV

Electric vehicles are here to stay and now that Summer has arrived we have compiled 5 summer experiences that are so much better in an EV. From camping in a Tesla to family picnics and road trips - there is a lot to be said for doing these summer activities in an EV.

Above all, there is no need to worry about stopping and queuing for ridiculously priced fuel as there are thousands of charging ports across Europe and the UK. All EVs will also display exactly how much range is left, so there is no need to panic about being stuck on the side of the road!

For UFODRIVE customers, charging is completely free from thousands of charging ports across Europe, and our 24/7 customer support team is always there if you need them, putting your mind at ease so you can enjoy the open road!

1. Camping in an EV

In 2019, Tesla released a software update that allowed drivers the option to switch the car to ‘camp’ mode which enables them to turn their electric vehicle into a compact tent on wheels without the hassle of putting it together!

Some of the features include:

  • Climate control to remain functional even when the vehicle has been powered down.
  • The entertainment system allows drivers to enjoy videos and music even when the car is powered off and locked.
  • Allowing interior lights to be powered on or off.
  • Charging all devices like your phone, laptop, and smartwatch.
  • The back seats of the car can be put down to allow 2 people to sleep comfortably overnight!

But the best part about camping in an EV is that all of the above features only use about 10% (up to 15% if it's cold) of the car battery for approximately 9 hours of continuous running. So you can relax for a fun-filled night of camping without having to stress about putting up a tent.

2. Shopping Trip in an EV

Fuel-powered vehicles have always had to include a variety of large parts such as engines, exhaust systems, and fuel tanks. With EVs, there is no need for all of these parts which means that there is extra storage space for you to store your shopping bags! This is also an opportunity for you to charge your EV as more and more shopping centers have or are introducing charging stations in their car parks.

Many cities are also now imposing a tax on carbon-emitting vehicles in the city center. Our fully electric fleet doesn’t have this problem and can drive in the city free of charge!

3. Family Summer Picnics in an EV

When traveling with children, how many times have you heard the dreaded words.. 

“Are we there yet?”

With Tesla’s entertainment system, there is a ‘Caraoke’ setting letting the whole family sing along to top hit classics that can be played with or without vocals. Once the family is finished being rockstars, there is an option to watch Netflix on the ‘Entertainment’ screen. So they can watch their favorite films or shows while you enjoy the open road.

As with all cars on the road today, child lock is a standard feature in a Tesla but did you know that with speeds over 5MPH, no doors will be operable from the inside anyway. You are only able to open the doors of a Tesla when it has come to a complete stop which means everyone is safe for the whole trip.

4. Road Trips in an EV

With a Tesla car, there are a number of driving settings to choose from including autopilot, enhanced autopilot, or full self-driving capability (where available). Even though you still need to be aware of the road and have your hands on the wheel, you can take in your surroundings and admire the scenery more while your Tesla helps you with the basic tasks of keeping you on the road.

Our unique app will let you know where the best place to charge is along your route, allowing you to plan stops when convenient for you.

5. Summer Holidays in an EV

Finally, another experience better in an EV is going on a summer holiday. Switching from an ICE to electric works out cheaper in the long run. Especially now with the rising cost of fuel prices globally. So you can use that money saved for more activities for your summer holiday!

With UFODRIVE, our customers don’t even have to worry about charging costs as it is included for free with every rental! We understand that many drivers are trying out EVs for the first time so we make sure it is as simple as possible by removing and reason for charging anxiety. No more queueing at rental desks for an hour when your plane arrives. Book your car in just two minutes, it’ll be waiting for you when you arrive, simply follow the on-screen instructions and hit the road! No queue, no paperwork, no upsell. Available 24/7, completely contactless, and with dedicated customer support if you need a little help. 

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Our mission at UFODRIVE is to remove all the unnecessary hassle of car rental so our customers can relax and just focus on the thrill and pleasure of driving an electric vehicle.

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