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UFODRIVE collaborates with solar mobility provider Sono Motors to incorporate solar car ‘the Sion’ into its fleet

UFODRIVE collaborates with solar mobility provider Sono Motors to incorporate solar car ‘the Sion’ into its fleet

Today UFODRIVE announces a collaboration with the solar mobility provider Sono Motors. Upon its release UFODRIVE will incorporate Sono Motors’ revolutionary solar car, the Sion, into its fleet of electric cars across its network of prime city locations.

The Sion, affordable solar mobility

The Sion is a compact, yet spacious, electric car, with a range of 250 kilometers, that can charge autonomously through the power of the sun. Thanks to its solar cells, seamlessly integrated within the body, the Sion can charge up to 34 kilometers of additional range per day purely by solar energy.

Additionally, the Sion offers a clever maintenance system to keep repair costs as low as possible and has a built-in carsharing function, which makes it ideal for inclusion within the UFODRIVE fleet.

In contrast to other electric cars - most of them in the premium sector -  the Sion comes at a projected price of €25,500, making it an affordable car for personal purchase as well as renting.

Adapting to mobility needs

The Sion will help UFODRIVE expand its mobility services beyond daily rental to also provide a free-floating, shared fleet of electric, solar powered cars to meet customer demand.

Community eager to access zero-emissions mobility

Both UFODRIVE and Sono Motors have a strong international community of customers who value state-of-the-art technologies and are eager to help accelerate the transition to zero-emission and sustainable mobility.

Earlier this year, Sono Motors leveraged this passionate community to raise over €50 million through crowdfunding. Encouraged by this success, UFODRIVE has opted to part-fund its latest investment round via crowdfunding and looks forward to fulfilling its mission and expansion plans with this support. Click here to find out more about UFODRIVE’s crowdfunding campaign.

Aidan McClean (CEO at UFODRIVE) We believe the Sion will become the first solar car to go into volume production and its solar recharging capabilities will make it the ideal car for carsharing use in cities. 

Thomas Hausch (COO at Sono Motors) We are thrilled to work with UFODRIVE in providing clean, affordable and easily shareable mobility to a new and growing group of customers: people who are defining their transportation needs by the ease of use and the carbon footprint they leave behind.

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