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UFODRIVE & Ark2030 – building a greener future, one tree at a time

UFODRIVE announces its partnership with Ark2030 and is proud to contribute to their important climate mission. Ark2030 is committed to reversing global warming and ending the climate crisis by restoring and regenerating 500 million hectares of global ecosystems.

From today, every UFODRIVE customer will earn ArkPoints as part of their rental rewards. An ArkPoint is an ecological virtual currency, created by Ark2030, to help with efforts to reverse climate damage. Each ArkPoint represents a monetary value, which gets invested on behalf of UFODRIVE customers to help fund projects that restore the global ecosystem via an extensive program of tree planting in at risk areas.

For every 100 ArkPoints earned through customer rentals, UFODRIVE will plant 1 tree. Customers can see the total number of actual trees planted on their behalf, by checking their profile page in the UFODRIVE App.

Driving with UFODRIVE generates a double positive climate impact:

  1. Firstly, driving one of the premium, zero-emission, full electric cars, means 100% clean mobility when travelling.
  2. Further to this, after the journey is over, the ArkPoints earned by drivers get directly invested in tree planting which helps to actively capture CO2 from the environment, thereby speeding up the process of restoring global ecosystems and making the world a greener place.

Aidan McClean (CEO at UFODRIVE) We are proud to partner with Ark2030 and delighted to work together on this important mission with such a committed partner. We’re also pleased to be able to help our customers, not only drive clean, but also to actively increase engagement in contributing to a greener world in such a transparent way.

Greg Consiglio (Board Member at Ark2030) Addressing the climate crisis involves changing consumer behavior along with restoring our depleted ecosystems to help stop the rate of global warming. Our partnership with UFODRIVE rewards customers for making smarter choices while directly funding climate change solutions.

Want to learn more about Ark2030? Click here to visit their website.

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