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One Million Kilometres. Emissions Free!

One Million Kilometres. Emissions Free!

To mark our one millionth kilometer, UFODRIVE will donate €1 per 100kg of carbon free rides by our customers to sustainability energy projects around the world. Starting today. 

That’s equivalent to around €1 euro for every 500 kilometres driven and doubles our customers positive impact on the climate.

We recently launched a unique new customer feature, a carbon saving statement at the end of every rental. To encourage continued emissions free driving each customer is rewarded a loyalty bonus credit for every electric drive. The loyalty bonus is credited to every customers account at the end of each rental which can be used against future bookings. In addition, for every kilometer driven by our customers, UFODRIVE will now also make a donation to a clean energy future. 

Our goal is to promote and encourage a faster transition to clean electric mobility through an out of this world rental experience. By contributing to sustainable energy projects, we will be doing our part in developing and promoting clean energy production.

The world climate situation is deteriorating. The impact and threat to animal life and biodiversity is at its greatest in human history.  Our quality of life and the life of future generations is at stake. The old way can simply not continue. The complex world we have created requires change at every level. All change starts with the consumer. The consumer drives the product demand, drives the supply chain, the resources and the infrastructure. 

Imagine the following alternative history… 

In 1908 the first mass produced car is an electric car, not the Model T Ford. It’s affordable and it’s a success. Over a century the electric car battery becomes ever more efficient, charging takes minutes, charging is available everywhere and range has never been a concern or issue. The world pursues clean energy production technologies and most power comes from renewables. Our cities are virtually silent, there is no air pollution. 

Then in 2019 a new car startup launches an entirely new mobility concept. They call it the "Electric Free Internal Combustion Engine car or 'EF'… Here’s the plan. Build massive worldwide infrastructure to drill and pump oil from beneath the ground and oceans. It’s dirty and environmentally risky. Use gas at pressure to force the oil from deep in the earth and burn off excess gas into the atmosphere. Pump the extracted oil onto massive dirty diesel-powered oil tankers and ship the oil all around the world. Boil the oil in giant refineries and distill it until it’s a very fine flammable toxic liquid. Pump the liquid again onto oil tankers, and then heavy diesel-powered trucks. Deliver the liquid to thousands of fuel refill stations. From here drivers of the new EFs can refill tanks in their cars. The cars are complex with thousands of moving parts. The liquid is stored, pumped to the front of the car and exploded in small chambers to drive pistons, shafts and gear boxes to obtain motion. All this creates heat which needs to be cooled with oils, water and more pumps, which further decreases motor efficiency from 90% to 30%, at best. In addition, all this equipment takes space, so the interior of the car is a lot smaller than the electric cars your used to. And because the process of combustion and power delivery takes a few seconds, the power and performance are nowhere near your old electric car. Also, it’s very noisy buts that’s not the best. The exploded flammable liquid produces toxic poisonous gases which decrease life expectancy by more than 2 years, on average. The car conveniently pipes that gas out the back of the car into the air you breathe from millions of engines. It’s safe though, just don’t spend too much time in an enclosed space with your engine running or you may die. Any takers for an EF?

We don’t have all the answers and not all our solutions are perfect, but some choices are available now it just requires a leap of faith and a consumer decision. The new generation has become more conscious of the choices they make and the impact they create. Cities and governments are beginning to push internal combustion cars out of cities. Electric only city centers will happen – the choice is now – drive emissions free.

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