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UFODRIVE, the world’s fastest car rental, is opening its very first city location in the heart of Europe!

UFODRIVE, the world’s fastest car rental, is opening its very first city location in the heart of Europe!

  • After successful launches at several European airports, UFODRIVE now expands its unique electric car rental at Interparking 2 Portes, a prime carpark in Brussels city.
  • UFODRIVE is a revolutionary new car rental experience. The first all-digital, all-electric car rental solution, UFODRIVE solves all the hassles of car renting today. Offering an advanced technology solution, transparent pricing and a consistently great customer experience, it takes all the pain out of car rental.
  • The new “UFObay” in Brussels City continues UFODRIVE’s mission to provide the fastest car rental experience possible and help accelerate the transition to zero-emission transport, with long-range electric vehicles driving across Europe. In Brussels, UFODRIVE customers can choose the extraordinary Tesla Model S, the more affordable Tesla Model 3, the mid-range Hyundai Kona EV or the long-awaited Audi E-Tron (made in Brussels too).

1.    UFODRIVE stands out from other car rental companies
UFODRIVE is a new mobility experience. “Everything is setting UFODRIVE apart from standard rental companies. Every stage of the process was redesigned around the customer.”, explains Aidan McClean, CEO of UFODRIVE.
This means:
- no queuing at a rental desk - it’s self-service with the app
- no key – the app is the key
- no paperwork – car inspection is automated within the app
- no confusing insurance options – insurance included in the daily price
- no fuel options – free charging included in daily price,
- a transparent all-inclusive daily price;
- the best pickup locations;
- combined with premium, long-range electric cars.

Feedback from customers to date has been extremely positive says McClean.
With our 'no fuel', all-inclusive insurance, low damage excess and fast track service combined with an incredible electric ride, UFODRIVE is excellent value for money in the car rental industry across all locations.
From €59/day for multiday rental for the Hyundai Kona EV, or from €119/day for the Tesla Model S, UFODRIVE offers the best value for money over the competition. “And customers love the straight through 'Arrive & Drive' digital experience.”

2.    UFODRIVE is leading the way to electric car rental

Besides offering a truly digital and convenient rental experience, UFODRIVE has also opted to operate its fleet using only Electric Vehicles (EVs).

We cannot continue to add more polluting Internal Combustion Engine cars to the roads! Our customers have no refueling or fuel options to be concerned about. We designed the service to remove range fears from the customer. We provide a lot of pre-drive information on how and where to charge, how to drive and use the car etc. On top of that we provide 24/7 support plus 24/7 remote monitoring of the car’s battery level so we can proactively provide guidance.”

3.    UFODRIVE & Interparking

Interparking is one of the major players in the European parking field and has earned itself a loyal customer base in a number of key European cities. Its new partnership with UFODRIVE underpins its strategy to provide an innovative array of transport solutions to meet urban challenges and preserve the environment through a responsible company policy.

After a successful launch at Interparking’s P1 VIP Carpark at Brussels Airport, the Interparking 2 Portes is the logical next step. Roland Cracco, Interparking’s CEO, says about the collaboration: “The efficient management of resources is at the very heart of our corporate culture. It is in this context that Interparking has become the first car park operator to be “CO2 neutral” certified. At Interparking, we encourage environmentally-friendly means of transport by developing suitable areas for shared vehicles and providing charging points for electric vehicles. This partnership with UFODRIVE lies within our mission to have a positive impact on mobility and the environment.

UFODRIVE is poised for European and US expansion plan with Brussels, the capital of Europe as its first city center location. More locations to be announced soon.

And for any further information, please contact Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. (Chief Marketing Officer) or by phone +32 49350 4696

UFODRIVE & INTERPARKING Press Release – Tuesday, 12th February 2019 – Brussels
Press release & visuals here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gxft1fx0827ixlq/AACJx-3ctCfVGiqnLiwtz0wta?dl=0

Pictures by melvinkobe.com

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