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A 24/7 self-service car rental for Hamburg airport

A 24/7 self-service car rental for Hamburg airport

40 meters from Hamburg Airport's Terminal 1 Arrivals, in P2 carpark: this is the first UFODRIVE location in Germany. The brightly lit and welcoming UFObay offers all Airport travellers a Fast Track, no-hassle, car rental experience.

Hamburg Airport is UFODRIVE's third location following a successful launch in Luxembourg and expansion in Brussels. Following strong support received from Hamburg Airport, we are delighted to be continuing our European growth in Northern Germany.

Launching with the TESLA Model S, passengers of Hamburg Airport can collect and drive away their car within a couple of minutes of arrival. We call the concept Arrive and Drive and it's aimed at removing the delays and inconveniences associated with car rental. Queues, key pickup, complicated forms and long walks to find your car are all eliminated.

Instead, next to terminal car pick up is handled using the revolutionary but easy to use UFODRIVE app. Registration, car booking, inspection and pickup (including car opening) are all quickly and simply managed via your phone.

UFODRIVE also has another important distinction in that its fleet is comprised only of premium electric cars. So even if you're not a passenger landing at the airport, UFODRIVE offers the opportunity to try an Electric Vehicle and see why more and more drivers are considering switching to electric.
Gift vouchers are also available on our website if you're on the lookout for an original Christmas gift.

Don’t miss the Advent Calendar of Hamburg Airport with a UFODRIVE gift to be given away!

Press release (in German) from Hamburg Airport & UFODRIVE.
Discover the Hamburg UFObay.

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