SUV - First all-electric car by Jaguar
Eye-catching design - Supremely comfortable
SEATS : <b>5</b>
RANGE : <b>350 km</b>
from €159/day
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Rent a JAGUAR I-Pace

UFODRIVE is the leading self-service electric car rental company in Europe.
We deliver a premium rental experience using exclusively electric cars. Today, you can rent a Tesla Model S or a Jaguar I-Pace or a New Nissan Leaf. New electric car models are added to the fleet as soon as they are released: Tesla Model 3, Audi e-tron and more coming in 2019.
Electric cars are not just a game changer for the environment. Driving electric is easy and amazing - click here to find out why electric is better.


The Basics

The Jaguar I-PACE is the first all-wheel drive electric vehicle from the iconic brand Jaguar. And Jaguar is the first traditional manufacturer to tackle the challenge of a long-distance electric vehicle! This premium car to rent is a SUV recognized for its great combination of performance and comfort without sacrificing its sportscar acceleration.
Awarded Germany’s car of the year for 2019, the I-Pace represents a stunning debut for Jaguar in the world of Electric Vehicles. It’s a fabulously luxurious car with the touches of decadent comfort for which Jaguar is known. You will love it.

With its all-wheel driven dual motors, “it’s more than twice the power of a regular Jaguar E-Pace with a diesel engine, a bit more even than a standard Porsche 911. And the acceleration is the just like the 911, too.” say professional road testers.

The Jaguar I-Pace SUV combines a perfect weight distribution, a low centre of gravity and a fluent driving experience.

  • 90kWh battery
  • 350km range
  • 0-100km/h in 4.8 sec
  • 200km/h top speed
  • All-wheel drive
  • 20' wheels

Rent luxurious Jaguar I-Pace

Driving experience
The Jaguar I-Pace has definitely a sporty drive - unique low position with perfect visibility providing amazing cornering ability. And like any other electric car, there is the one pedal drive style enabling regenerative breaking. 90% of driving can be done using only one pedal. Its slick power delivery is totally addictive so rent it and try for yourself!

Comfort and space
The Jaguar I-Pace design is all about luxury. It has unmistakable Jaguar style with richness in detailing and materials. The cockpit design interface is easy to navigate, allowing you to focus on the superb driving experience. It's spacious, well-built, and doesn't fail to respect the traditions of Jaguar's heritage. Perfect for 4 adults with ample storage capacity.

Yes it’s a Jaguar. Yes it feels like a supercar. It’s a supercar. However electric cars are silent. But if you really must, the road speed can be linked to a sound generator that pumps the sound of a petrol engine though the loudspeakers…!!!

“There is more than one way to drive the I-Pace. In Dynamic mode, with more weight to the steering and snap to the throttle. Which is fine so long as you know a charger is nearby and you have several hours to spare. Or like a saint in Comfort or Eco mode when you you’ve got miles to cover. Or, you can turn off the road altogether.” says road testers. We like this description. UFODRIVE offers access to all rapid chargers thanks to its map and guidance through the app and car guide.
And if you’re doing a long journey, stops are easily planned using the in-car journey planner.

And there’s no doubt that driving a Jaguar I-Pace is better for the environment. Test one today to learn more about the future of electric vehicles.

  • Touch Pro Duo information system
  • Navigation including charging points in your journey
  • Front + back trunk load space 656 Liters
  • 5 adults

Receives software updates remotely to ensure it performs at the maximum of its capabilities.
Charging is straightforward and widely available thanks to the European rapid chargers network. You simply need to 1- Plan your journey, 2- Refuel your car and 3- Enjoy your free time during the 25-40min charging time.



Your car’s navigation system will guide you in planning your route to ensure any charging stops are efficiently planned. It will also guide you to the nearest charging station in case of ad-hoc requirement.



Charging with UFODRIVE is easy, you just to plug in the charging station cable to the car like on the picture.



On rapid chargers, you will be able to recharge to 80% capacity in between 25 and 40min. Time for enjoying a coffee!
It has never been so easy!
And you are guided at every time of your journey by our Guide in the UFODRIVE app
or our 24/7 customer support if you have any question.
Time to try!


  • From €159/day depending on days and locations.
  • From €127/day for multiple-day booking.
  • For extended rental periods, please contact us for tailored pricing.

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