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UFODRIVE is taking mobility revolution to the next level with electric car rental and shared mobility

Invest in the biggest mobility revolution since the Model T Ford

In 1908, Henry Ford launched his legendary Model T automobile with the words, “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long...

UFODRIVE, a rising star of Advanced Mobility, raising £1.5m to drive further expansion

Travel is undergoing a fundamental shift. By 2030, the UK and a host of other counties will deliver on their commitment to ban sales of new diesel...

Trov Partners With UFO Drive, Electric Car Rental Specialist

Latest partnerships news for you. On a side note can brands stop using capital letters unless its an acronym please? Trov (www.trov.com) a global...

Tesla-focused rental firm raises €1.4m for US expansion

Dublin-based UFODRIVE - which bills itself as one of the world's first fully-sustainable car rental firms - has raised more than €1.4m in a...

UFODRIVE collaborates with solar mobility provider Sono Motors to incorporate solar car ‘the Sion’ into its fleet

Today UFODRIVE announces a collaboration with the solar mobility provider Sono Motors. Upon its release UFODRIVE will incorporate Sono Motors’...

UFODRIVE: 10 Million kms Driven, 1 Million kgs of Co2 Saved

The UK plans to ban sales of diesel and petrol cars from 2030, alongside a suite of countries around the world with similar visions for a net zero...

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