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UFODrive Car rental

Why all-digital, all-electric car rental UFODRIVE might be the company car solution you’re looking for

Many Dutch entrepreneurs consider having a company car as the next step in professionalizing their business. Nothing looks more sophisticated than rolling up to your clients in your own modern vehicle. But that desire is often not fulfilled because of several practicalities, ranging from significant costs for your business to simply not knowing where to park around your office. Meanwhile modern shared platforms often have you driving around with someone else’s advertisements. There is another way, as car-rental startup UFODRIVE proves.

Company cars: do you buy, lease, rent or share?

When you are considering a company car, there are several options to explore. Owning or leasing a car can be the preferred option. However, it requires a long-term commitment. There will be significant costs, even if the car is not being used. And on top of the depreciation and fuel costs, you’ll have to find – and pay for – your own parking. Good luck if your business is located anywhere in the centre of a Dutch city.

There are alternatives that might be more flexible and cost-efficient. Traditional car-rental is the most obvious one. But renting a car can be a hassle. Picking up a rental car often involves long queues, lots of paperwork, confusing insurances and hidden costs. Then there are several modern initiatives for car-sharing popping up in Dutch cities. They are generally the cheapest option if you don’t use a car all day every day and are easy to pick up. However, rolling up to your clients in a brightly coloured compact, covered in stickers and branding that is not yours, might not give the first impression you’re looking for as an entrepreneur.

The hassle-free and flexible way of driving a company car

That is why UFODRIVE seeks to combine the advantages of those options and with their all-electric, app-based car rental. The startup offers stylish cars for a professional impression, without any of the long-term commitment or costs involved with ownership.

Renting them is just as easy as grabbing a shared vehicle from the street. Make a reservation in the app, find your car in a central parking garage where the UFOBAY is located, unlock it with your smartphone and drive off whenever you want. There are no hidden fees, you know exactly what you pay beforehand. And you only pay when you actually use the car. Don’t worry about topping up the fuel tank anymore, even charging is included in the fixed price.

The intuitive app ensures there’s no paperwork and no queues. UFODRIVE guarantees you always get the exact car you’ve made a reservation for. Added bonus: no more looking for a place to park (or paying a small fortune for a parking permit), as UFODRIVE has its own spot and is available for you 24/7.

 ufodrive app

UFODRIVE now offers its all-electric fleet in the three largest cities in The Netherlands. Entrepreneurs located in the hearts of Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Den Haag can pick-up a car whenever they need. More cities will be added later this year.

UFODRIVE not only offers a modern driving experience in some of the most modern and safe cars from Tesla, Hyundai or Jaguar, all their cars are also 100 percent electric. This ensures your company can drive without any CO2-emissions. UFODRIVE even sends you a report on how much you and your employees have saved in carbon emissions. Don’t worry about range anxiety, as UFODRIVE’s smart support feature gives you an early heads up if the battery runs low. If needed, it will help you find the nearest charger, no matter where you are.

UFODRIVE for business

The all-electric, app-based rental-startup offers several plans. Consumers can sign up for free for the pay-as-you-go option. Business users get some added advantages for even more transparency on pricing, as you’ll always pay the lowest price on the website. This means you can always expect the exact same rates, even in times of high demand or when you have to make a last-minute reservation.

You can also add employees or partners to the business-account, and let them use the company car at the same rates. UFODRIVE is about to launch a membership-option for consumers as well, where a small monthly fee will get you a discount on every booking.

To find out more about having on-demand access to a state-of-the-art company car, check UFODRIVE.com. Download the app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, create your account and you’ll be on the road in no-time. Readers from SiliconCanals can use the UFODRIVE discount code RSCANALS to receive a 5% or 30 euro discount on the first booking.

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