- UFODRIVE opens New Brussels location - UFODRIVE opens New Brussels location

After successful launches at several European airports, UFOdrive is now expanding its electric car rental at Interparking 2 Portes, a prime carpark in Brussels city.

UFODrive, an all-digital, all-electric car rental solution, offers transparent pricing and a consistent customer experience.
The new “UFObay” in Brussels City continues UFODrives’s mission to provide the fastest car rental experience possible and help accelerate the transition to zero-emission transport, with long-range electric vehicles driving across Europe. In Brussels, UFODrive customers can choose the Tesla Model S, the more affordable Tesla Model 3, the mid-range Hyundai Kona EV, or the long-awaited Audi E-Tron (made in Brussels too).

“Everything is setting UFODrive apart from standard rental companies," Aidan McClean, CEO of UFODrive, said in a statement. "Every stage of the process was redesigned around the customer.”
This means:
- No queuing at a rental desk - it’s self-service with the app
- No key – the app is the key
- No paperwork – car inspection is automated within the app
- No confusing insurance options – insurance included in the daily price
- No fuel options – free charging included in daily price

UFODrive is poised for European and U.S. expansion plan with Brussels, the capital of Europe as its first city center location. More locations will soon be announced.

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