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RAC and UFODRIVE form new partnership

RAC and UFODRIVE form new partnership

The RAC and UFODRIVE have forged a new partnership, as the all-digital, car rental company increases its fleet in the UK.

UFODRIVE, a car hire platform featuring exclusively electric cars, launched in London in 2020, bringing 100 zero-emission cars to rent across the capital.

Since then, it has built-up a network of 17 locations in 8 countries across Europe including two in London, with this number set to increase in 2021.

UFODRIVE says it is amid a successful crowdfunding drive on Seedrs, which is aimed at aiding its planned further growth in the UK and its move into new countries.

With its background, UFODRIVE said it felt it needed a new rescue service partner for its fleet.

Jonathan Shine, country manager at UFODRIVE, said: “We were looking for a partner who, like us was innovative in their thinking.

“The RAC’s approach to EVs complements our needs really well, and means we can progress our business in the UK safe in the knowledge that our motorists will be in the best possible hands, in the unlikely event that they either run out of charge or suffer a breakdown.

“They also offered us an extremely competitive package that is geared to take our imminent rapid fleet expansion in its stride. Furthermore, they are a long established and trusted brand which will reassure anyone who rents with us, should the worst happen.”

The RAC provides a rescue service with patrol vehicles which can provide on-the-spot charging for electric vehicles (EVs) that have run out of charge.

The RAC EV Boost is a lightweight van-mounted unit that provides an emergency ‘top up’ to allow a stranded motorist either to get a short distance home or to reach a nearby charging point in order to properly recharge their vehicle.

Most RAC vans also provide ‘All Wheels Up’ technology, allowing the stranded vehicle to be moved safely without having to call for a low loader, the company said.

Andy Baker, consumer roadside managing director at the RAC, said: “We’re pleased to support UFODRIVE as it continues to grow its footprint here in the UK.

“As well as having a nationwide network of expert local patrols, we’re also rolling out our own market-leading technology that can deliver an emergency charge to electric cars or – if absolutely necessary – ensure they can be recovered quickly and easily by an RAC patrol van with all four wheels off the road.”

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