Introducing the UFODRIVE Members’ Club

We have taken UFODRIVE further and launched yet another first: the UFODRIVE Member’s Club. The club is designed for individuals who have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to worry about car ownership. For €39 per month, drivers receive 25% discount on multi-day bookings, from any of our city center locations.

UFODRIVE Member’s Club offers:

  • Access to premium cars in the best locations
  • Unbeatable reductions
  • Incomparable convenience via the award winning app
  • Fully electric cars with immediate environmental benefits to your city

City dwellers think differently about car ownership today. Shared access to multiple mobility solutions (e.g. cars, taxi’s, scooters and bicycles) allows easy travel from point A to point B, simply by using an app on their smartphone. In addition, cities are increasingly seeking to reduce pollution and optimize space in city centers. In many locations, it’s already more attractive to have access to a car instead of owning one.

However, many drivers don’t feel confident enough yet to say goodbye to their own car. In their opinion there’s no shared car mobility service, that offers the same experience and qualities that their own car gives them. Affordability, premium cars, cleanliness and ease of access are all key considerations that are frequently not met by existing players.

UFODRIVE Member’s Club is designed to meet and exceed these expectations. The Member’s club costs €39 a month and comes with 25% discount on all multi-day bookings in all city center locations. This way, you get to drive a Tesla Model 3 from €194 for an entire weekend including: free charging, 350 free kilometers and fully comprehensive insurance.

Want to learn more? Contact us. Ready to join? Apply now.