UFODRIVE to launch seriously advanced car rental in Dublin City

UFODRIVE to launch seriously advanced car rental in Dublin City

• Launch of game-changing service, UFODRIVE in Dublin’s St Stephen’s Green on April 19th

• All-digital, all-electric car rental service controlled from an app

• No queues, no paperwork, no refuelling, no extra costs – one all-inclusive price

• Access and drive your car on your schedule, open 24/7

• Incredible electric cars such as Tesla available at UFODRIVE.com


First launched in Luxembourg Airport, and now also in prime locations in Brussels City, Brussels Airport, Hamburg and Cologne Airports, this revolutionary service has re-engineered the car rental scene across Europe and now it’s coming to Dublin.


Car rental has traditionally been associated with queues, excessive paperwork and nasty, hidden charges. UFODRIVE has banished these to re-invent car rental from the ground up, to offer a fast, automated, hassle-free solution which makes hiring a car a pleasure.


Putting customers first, UFODRIVE deploys specially developed app-based technology to eliminate the frustration of conventional car rental and instead creates a unique and innovative experience. Underlying all of this is an unwavering focus on the customer experience. UFODRIVE removes the stress and lets you choose, find, inspect and sign for your car in 2 minutes, all with 24/7 dedicated support via our app.


Visitors to Ireland, Business Travellers, City Dwellers, Car Enthusiasts and those wishing to try Electric Vehicles can now experience revolutionary electric mobility with Tesla, Hyundai, Audi, Jaguar amongst others planned. For Dublin residents looking to avoid the cost of car ownership and for those who want a cleaner, quieter city, UFODRIVE provides a fast, simple solution with zero emissions! The future of car rental is here.


A few words on UFODRIVE “By combining the smartphone revolution with the coming electric car revolution, UFODRIVE has developed something unique: the first all-digital, all-electric car rental service” says CEO Aidan McClean.


“Our customers will wonder why they ever settled for anything less than renting vehicles like the game-changing Tesla Model S. We combine a great car with the convenience of a seamless and fast smartphone rental app” he continued.


Customers can reserve, locate and drive away their chosen car through the UFODRIVE app. Car pickup is from the conveniently located Q-Park in St. Stephen’s Green car park. Eliminating paperwork and car key pick-up queues will allow travellers to start their journey without stress or delay. The same rules apply to return, particularly as the customary pre-drop-off refuelling is eliminated.


The Dublin opening represents UFODRIVE’s first collaboration with Q-Park. Mark Howard, Country Director for Q-Park Ireland explains, ‘We are delighted to be able to welcome UFODRIVE into Dublin. Our safe and secure facilities are an ideal location in the heart of Dublin for users to pick up their vehicles. We also pride ourselves on being one of the greenest operators in Europe so a partnership with a prestigious electric vehicle car rental company is a good fit for us.’


“Dublin is the next step in our planned European expansion after having successfully validated and developed the business in Luxembourg, Brussels and Hamburg” according to co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Renaud Marquet.


He further outlines, “Our vision is to continue to expand to other locations across Europe throughout 2019 and ultimately offer UFODRIVE on a global level. We are well advanced on agreements for additional European locations.” Bookings can be made at UFODRIVE.com, alternatively the free app is available from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.


For further information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +352 621 482 914