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Camping in an EV - Is it all it's cracked up to be?

Camping in an EV - Is it all it's cracked up to be?

Camping in an EV

Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Camping - sitting by the open fire, listening to the calming sounds of nature, maybe even roasting marshmallows. It’s a time-honoured tradition, dating back before we invented indoors, it has long been toted as the quintessential way to reconnect with nature and find inner peace. In recent years, however, camping has been largely transformed from sleeping in a tent, to ‘glamping’ (or glamorous camping) which is outdoor living with all of the mod-cons and comforts you’d expect from at least a mid-range hotel. 

Undoubtedly, the largest mainstream addition to ‘glamping’ in recent years has been the release of Tesla’s camp mode which enables you to turn your electric vehicle into a compact hotel room on wheels for the night. 

For one thing, enabling camp mode will allow climate controls to remain functional even once the vehicle has been powered down. Climate controls will then remain in effect until you switch it off, or the battery of the vehicle reaches 20%. While these climate control functions are also available for dog mode, camping mode also offers the fun addition of a looping feed of a crackling campfire plays over the vehicles control screen to create a fun and relaxing ambience. The entertainment system also stays on while in camp mode, meaning you can continue to enjoy the videos and music you love, even while the car is powered off and locked. Be sure to go camping with a full battery, particularly if you are camping in a colder area as the entertainment system and climate controls will still use the battery.

The vehicles themselves have also been designed to make camping in a Tesla a breeze. The trunk of the vehicle has been designed to fit one to two people comfortably. The only caveat being people over 6 ft tall will have limited legroom, comparable to a sleeping bag. Set up takes under ten minutes, all you need to do is flatten the back seats, potentially move the front seats forward for extra space, lay out your bedding and you’re done - it’s faster than setting up a traditional tent for sure!

We were curious how people feel about camping in a Tesla so we decided to ask our followers on social media. We posted the poll “Would You Camp in a Tesla” and only accepted yes and no responses. While there was certainly a percentage of people who would not even consider it (21%), the majority of respondents (79%) said they would be happy to spend the night camping in a Tesla. 

It certainly makes you curious as to what the future of camping looks like as car companies find new and exciting ways to use technology to make the experience easier more fun. While the camp mode is still in the early days, and at this stage only offers limited options, the potential here is massive. While sleeping in your car is by no means a new concept, Tesla is revolutionising the concept, making it safer, easier and more enjoyable for users. We are very excited to see the future updates to come.

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