6 Essential Tips for Long EV Trips

6 Essential Tips for Long EV Trips

Long road trips and cross-country (or even continent) excursions are a familiar concept for most of us. It can be a great source of escape and adventure, taking the scenic route and discovering exciting new things along the way. However, for those new to the world of electric cars, it can be a source of anxiety due to false ideas that range and charging are impediments for long trips in an EV. With modern EV batteries and an ever expanding network of charge points for you to choose from, the age of the EV road trip is well and truly upon us!

Below is our list of top essential tips for your next electric road trip to make sure everything goes smoothly. Be sure to bear these tips in mind before you hit the road!


1. Know Your Route

While spontaneity can be a delightful feature of a road trip, it can also lead to trouble. As the old saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s important that you map out your route before heading off on your adventure. 

While EV charging facilities have certainly increased massively in recent years, and continue to grow exponentially, there are still some gaps in the coverage in some isolated regions. It’s important to know the route you’ll be travelling and where the charging stations are along the route. 

For UFODRIVE customers, it’s even easier. You can plan your route through the UFODRIVE system, it will direct you to the optimal charger given the range and battery level of your vehicle. Our system also has an active alert system which notifies you when and where you need to charge to ensure you never run out of power when you need it! 


2. Prepare Your Vehicle

This part of the process should be quick and easy unless there’s an issue you are worried about.

It is important to check all of the usual elements you would on a petrol/diesel vehicle. Ensure the tire thread, brakes, windshield wipers and wiper fluid reservoir are all correct. Ensure the PSI of your tires are filled to the optimum level also as your EV’s performance and range can be negatively affected by low tire pressure. 

UFODRIVE customers do not need to worry about these steps. Our vehicles are monitored, checked and hand cleaned before each rental so that our customers can drive with confidence.


3. Download Charging Apps

There are a multitude of applications which you may need during your journey. When planning your route, check which charging stations you will be using. You will need to download the application for each of these and create an account to manage and pay for the charging during your trip.

There’s only one app that UFODRIVE customers need to download - The UFODRIVE app, available for iOS and Android. You can manage your car, journey planning and everything else you will need, all from one place. Our customers also don’t pay for charging. Simply pay at the charging stations using the prepaid charge cards provided in the glove box of your car.


4. Allow Realistic Range Estimates

When planning a long trip, it can be tempting to try to make the best time possible - often with overly optimistic estimations of range. It is important to leave wiggle room with your route and range planning as a mistake can leave you stranded. This is particularly true for trips in unfamiliar areas as extreme variations in altitude, strong winds and lower temperatures may affect driving efficiency and the potential range of your vehicle. 

The UFODRIVE system has been designed to carefully monitor our drivers' efficiency and environmental factors in order to direct our customers to the best charge point for their route at the right time so that you don’t need to worry about your range. 


5. Explore While You Charge

A shortfall of traditional road trips is that you often spend too much time behind the wheel and no time exploring what lies beyond the road. That’s why taking the chance to look around and explore while your car charges is a great idea. It also gives you the opportunity to take a break and recharge your own batteries. Driver fatigue is one of the most dangerous issues on our roads so taking some time to stretch your legs and rest is always positive - especially when you get the chance to explore and discover a new place. 


6. Seek Out EV Friendly Accommodation 

As any EV user can tell you, the ability to charge overnight is very important. Luckily, nowadays many hotels have responded to the adoption of EVs by offering charging facilities for their customers. Check that anywhere you are planning on staying has this facility available either through their website or by calling to ask. 

Pro-Tip: Even if charging facilities are listed on their website, it could still be a good idea to get in touch directly to ensure the charging station is functional.


So what are your plans for your next adventure? Will you be taking a long-distance trip in the near future? Let us know on social media. 

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