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5 Reasons To Try an EV (if you’re still holding out)

5 Reasons To Try an EV (if you’re still holding out)

Over the past decade, electric cars have gone from an exciting new product with limited public understanding to one of the fastest-growing products ever with exponentially increasing demand and mainstream public appreciation. However, even with Elon Musk and Tesla becoming a household name and beloved brand, there are still people on the fence about trying an EV. 

Whether because of popular misconceptions, general lack of information or a horror story from a fend of a friend of a friend, there are still some hold outs, not sure about taking the plunge. If this sounds like you, not to worry we’ve created a compelling list of reasons below as to why it’s time to give it a try! After all, there was a lot of resistance to smartphones in the early days yet you don’t see too many flip phones anymore!


1. They’re Cheap to Run

Let's start with where it usually hurts - the pocket! Switching from an ICE (internal combustion engine) to electric works out far cheaper in the long run. Electricity runs a far better price than petrol or diesel at the same mileage. Over time this adds up to significant savings. You can get an even better bang for your buck with many electricity providers offering special tariffs for EV owners to bring down the cost even further! 

With UFODRIVE, our customers don’t even have to worry about charging costs as it is included for free with every rental! We understand that many of our customers are trying EVs for the first time so we make it as simple as possible by removing any reason for charging anxiety.


2. Smooth (and silent) Driving Experience

If you’ve only ever driven a petrol/diesel car before, you’re in for a great surprise with electric! The only sound created by an electric motor is a faint whirring, this makes driving an EV very relaxing and enjoyable. The lack of a traditional engine means EVs can be created to be more spacious and comfortable and in addition to the modern features you’d expect from any car, the nature of EVs allow for additional helpful features that make driving far easier and more enjoyable. 

UFODRIVE makes this experience even easier, managing your car and the entire experience through one, easy to use app. Each car is also freshly hand cleaned before each rental, so your car will feel fresh as new when you step into it to start your journey.


3. No Nasty Emissions

While we may take it for granted sometimes, fresh air is a wonderful thing. While the environmental benefits of EVs are not to be overlooked, they are also well discussed and understood. What you may not know is that not all of the fumes that come out of a vehicles exhaust disperse into the atmosphere, some of them get breathed into your own lungs! With EVs you can drive in confidence, knowing that you aren’t breathing toxic fumes or damaging the environment - two birds with one stone. 

At UFODRIVE we believe that zero carbon is still too much, that’s why we have partnered with organisations which plant trees for each and every one of our rentals. 


4. EVs are More Convenient 

One advantage to EVs that many people don’t consider is that maintaining an electric vehicle is actually far easier. Traditional ICE engines have a lot of moving parts and thus require a lot of maintenance. EV drivers don’t need to worry about changing motor oil, spark plug changes, timing belt replacements or many of the other headaches associated with maintaining a car. 

With UFODRIVE you have even less to worry about as we ensure our vehicles are equipped, ready and hand-washed before each and every rental so you can simply arrive and drive without a worry.


5. They’re Very Cool!

Last but not least, let’s be honest - EV’s are pretty cool. Aesthetically they are sleek, modern and futuristic with features like the falcon-wing doors featured on the Tesla Model X. Additionally, they offer exciting new features such as interactive touch screen displays. Tesla in particular has been a trailblazer in terms of the novelty elements of EVs with engaging infotainment systems and fun ‘easter eggs’ hidden in the car. Check out our top 5 Tesla Easter Eggs list to learn more about the many surprises hidden within the Tesla system.

Our mission at UFODRIVE is to remove the hassles of car rental so our customers can relax and just focus on the thrill and pleasure of driving an electric vehicle. 

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