5 Fun things to do this weekend.

5 Fun Things To Do This Weekend

We all know the feeling - it has been a difficult year of being stuck indoors and limited in what you can do. The perpetual boredom can make it feel like there’s nothing fun to do when the weekend inevitably comes around, but we’re here to dissuade you of this idea. Below is our list of five fun activities you can do to spice up this weekend. Just remember to follow local health guidelines and restrictions.


1. Have a Picnic

How long has it been since you had a real picnic? I’m not talking about a coffee and a sandwich in the park, I mean a real picnic, with all the fixings. Find a beautiful natural spot within your travellable area, pack food and a blanket and spend the day enjoying the wonderful weather and natural splendour with your nearest and dearest. 

To make the experience more enjoyable, try to visit somewhere new (if possible). A park you’ve never been to before is always a great option. The change of scenery and new experience can be refreshing and breaks the feeling of repetitiveness that can come from lockdown. 

This can also be a great chance to catch some sun (carefully) so be sure to bring blankets to sit on as sunscreen to keep yourself safe. We spend enough time indoors so this weekend get out and experience some nature!


2. Explore Local Wonders

While we all long for the days that we can return to taking our regular holidays, why not take this chance to discover the wonderful attractions and landmarks that have been sitting right under your nose? No matter who or where you are, there is a good chance there are undiscovered treasures right around the corner. This is also a rare opportunity to visit sites which international tourists pay a lot of money to see, for free and without a crowd to contend with!

Plan an itinerary to make the most out of your adventure. A quick google for ‘landmarks and attractions near me’ should provide a terrific jumping-off point for deciding what to see and do. You could also do some research on local history as many fascinating and historical sites are often unmarked and overlooked. Depending on where you live and your current travel radius this adventure could be done either on foot or by car. 

Be sure to record your trip with pictures to capture the precious memories you make. While it may not be the holiday you’re wishing for, it’s a very fun way to spend a weekend and you’ll be sure to learn something new!


3. Take a Road-trip

It’s almost a cliche, ‘It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’, but nowadays, with most destinations closed or out of reach, you really do need to make the most of the journey. 

Take a look at the area you can travel within and plan a route that stops at the locations or attractions you would like to see. You can also search for lists of popular road trip routes near you, such as this article we wrote about the top 5 iconic UK road trips

While most tourism centres and heritage parks are closed, there are so many natural wonders and landmarks that are still freely accessible to the public and waiting to be discovered.

Road trips are an iconic rite of passage and a great way to have fun and spend time with the people you care about, so what’s stopping you? Plan your next adventure today!


4. Take a Hike

While we have all become far more aware of the importance of fresh air and exercise now that we are inherently limited in how we can go about it, there is still a lot to be said for taking an outdoor walk - especially in new surroundings. 

Getting back to nature is a proven method to destress, unwind and find a degree of inner peace. Like a lockdown version of Frodo Baggins, form a fellowship of your nearest and dearest and embark on an adventure walk through nature. There is a proven mental health benefit to open green spaces so what’s stopping you? Search online to find a walking path that suits you and head off. 

One of the great benefits of this activity is there isn’t too much planning involved. Just be sure your phone is charged (and/or bring a map) and pack water and suncream and you should be good to go! 


5. Go Camping

After a year stuck indoors, a night camping could be just what you need. While camping parks are out of the questions, there are still some other options.

While parks that hold numerous guests may not be operating, there are still designated camping sites to which you may have access to. Check online to see if there are camping sites that are still available to be used in your area.

If you can’t get to a camping site, you can always set up a tent in your back garden. This may seem silly but it’s a very fun way to spend the evening and do something different. The fresh air and outdoor time alone will be sure to lift the spirits.

Did you know that all Tesla’s offer a feature called camp mode? Camp Mode is a simple feature that turns your electric car into a comfortable and breathable cabin. Camp Mode maintains airflow, interior lighting, temperature, and even music if you want after enabling the mode. This feature gives owners the ability to skip the hotel room and stay within the confines of their all-electric vehicle for the night. Just be sure that where ever you set up camp is safe and that you have permission to do so. 

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