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Tesla mieten in Frankreich

UFODRIVE Mietwagen in Paris

Tesla mieten in Paris bei UFODRIVE

UFODRIVE premium car rental bay is situated on level-1 of the Interparking François 1er carpark on rue François 1er, in Paris City Center.

Abholung der Mietwagen in Paris

Open the app, it will show you the way.
Take the stairs or escalator to level -1 of the François 1er carpark. If taking the stairs, we recommend to enter using the rue de la Tremouille entrance. The UFObay is located along one side of the carpark, immediately opposite the rue de la Tremouille stairwell entrance.

Rückgabe der Tesla Leihwagen per App wie beim Carsharing

Return the car to the same location.

François 1er carpark is accessible via 1 main drive in entrance from rue François 1er.
The entrance is on the left as you drive up rue François 1er. Descend down the ramp and continue straight ahead passing through the barrier. The UFObay is immediately on the right after passing the entry barriers.
After entering the carpark, drop off your car at the UFObay. Inspect and close your car with the app. You're ready to go!


Open 24/7
UFODRIVE Paris City centre
24, rue François 1er,
75008 Paris

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