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UFODRIVE, a rising star of Advanced Mobility, raising £1.5m to drive further expansion

Travel is undergoing a fundamental shift. By 2030, the UK and a host of other counties will deliver on their commitment to ban sales of new diesel and petrol cars. The impact of this can already be seen now in the surging sales of electric vehicles with further disruption (and opportunity) in evidence right across the Mobility sector.

UFODRIVE, is one of the front runners in embracing the new world of Mobility. Capitalizing on both the shift away from the traditional model of car ownership, with many city dwellers now opting not to own a car, as well as the shift to electric, it was a first mover in developing a compelling alternative proposition, primed for rapid acceptance as part of the electric revolution.

Launched in 2018, UFODRIVE delivers 100% digital, 100% electric, zero hassle car rental. It provides a truly customer focused experience by removing all of the pain points from traditional car rental. The full booking and rental process is managed via the UFODRIVE app allowing customers to reserve and drive, efficiently, autonomously, and without the need to queue at a desk. With an entirely electric (primarily Tesla) fleet, added to an industry first carbon credits-based loyalty programme, UFODRIVE has already delivered Co2 savings of over 1 million kgs.

Now operating from 17 locations across 8 countries, UFODRIVE’s model of radically better car rental is proving to be a hit with travelers. Feedback from customers earns UFODRIVE the highest Net Promoter Score of car rental anywhere. It’s also proven to be resilient in the face of challenging business conditions by growing its business by 108% during 2020. 

UFODRIVE is currently crowdfunding on Seedrs.com with its target of £1.5m already reached at the halfway stage of the campaign which is likely to be extended given the high demand. Speaking about the campaign, founder and CEO, Aidan McClean, said “it has been both gratifying and exciting to see this vision become reality and we are now looking to jump start the next phase of our business with this crowdfunding initiative. UFODRIVE investors can look forward to benefitting from the expansion of a business that has already successfully created its own unique space in the car rental sector.”

A key component of UFODRIVE’s customer proposition is the real time connectivity to over 140,000 EV chargers. This allows customers to be guided to charging locations via the app at any stage during their journey and has been particularly welcomed by the more than 70% of customers who had never driven electric previously.

The powerful technology behind UFODRIVE’s fleet operations is also being deployed as an end-to-end EV Mobility Software as a Service platform. This is currently being rolled out to a growing pipeline of fleet operators making the switch to electric. The first customers are already live, and demand is expected to increase further as more operators start to move away from traditional diesel fleets.

Over 500 Seedrs investors have joined UFODRIVE to help fuel a move towards a better solution for customers and the planet. With further expansion coming during 2021, UFODRIVE has global ambitions, highly efficient technology developed on real EV fleet experience, and a vision for sustainable, hassle-free mobility.

To find out more about UFODRIVE, visit the campaign now.

Trov Partners With UFO Drive, Electric Car Rental Specialist

Latest partnerships news for you. On a side note can brands stop using capital letters unless its an acronym please?

Trov (www.trov.com) a global leader in insurance technology, today announced that UFODRIVE (www.ufodrive.com), a frontrunner in sustainable car rental, have selected Trov’s Mobility Insurance Platform for their fleet of fully electric vehicles. The company will benefit from both of Trov’s platform components; risk operations technology which will address UFODRIVE’s unique risk requirements, combined with context-based commercial insurance, managed by UK Insurance Business Solutions under the NIG brand, both of which are part of the Direct Line Group.

UFODRIVE is an all-electric, user-friendly, digital, sustainable car rental platform headquartered in Luxembourg with operations in 7 other countries including the UK, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, France, and Austria, with a move into the USA planned in the near future. The Trov and UFODRIVE collaboration will launch in London, where they offer all-digital, all-electric, self-service car rentals out of two locations, Park Lane & Oxford Street.

“The team at Trov have been able to develop an insurance program to suit our unique needs,” stated Jonathan Shine, who heads up UFODRIVE’s UK business. “By complementing our coverage with Trov’s Risk Operations Technology, we have put in place a solution for optimum vehicle utilisation and uptime – a critical ingredient for success in 2021.”

“This partnership with UFODRIVE is the first of, hopefully, many for Trov within the UK market and highlights the vital convergence of the future of transportation with the future of insurance. We’re delighted to help them manage their holistic risk effectively, so they can focus on bringing more sustainable transport options to consumers and businesses in London and beyond,” said Ed Axon, Global Head of Business Development at Trov.

With the full power of Trov’s Mobility Platform behind them, the UFODRIVE team can monitor, manage and mitigate their insured and uninsured risks more effectively – ultimately shifting more resources toward the expansion of their business, aided by an already well-subscribed crowdfunding campaign currently running on SEEDRS.

Tesla-focused rental firm raises €1.4m for US expansion

Dublin-based UFODRIVE - which bills itself as one of the world's first fully-sustainable car rental firms - has raised more than €1.4m in a crowdfunding drive in just over a week.

The company has made a fleet of Elon Musk's high-end Tesla cars - as well other premium electric vehicles - its key selling point through an all-digital rental platform that allows customers complete the entire rental process via an app.

UFODRIVE, which was set up two years ago by CEO and former financial services executive Aidan McClean and chief operating officer Renaud Marquet, has 17 rental hubs in eight countries, including Ireland.


UFODRIVE collaborates with solar mobility provider Sono Motors to incorporate solar car ‘the Sion’ into its fleet

Today UFODRIVE announces a collaboration with the solar mobility provider Sono Motors. Upon its release UFODRIVE will incorporate Sono Motors’ revolutionary solar car, the Sion, into its fleet of electric cars across its network of prime city locations.

The Sion, affordable solar mobility

The Sion is a compact, yet spacious, electric car, with a range of 250 kilometers, that can charge autonomously through the power of the sun. Thanks to its solar cells, seamlessly integrated within the body, the Sion can charge up to 34 kilometers of additional range per day purely by solar energy.

Additionally, the Sion offers a clever maintenance system to keep repair costs as low as possible and has a built-in carsharing function, which makes it ideal for inclusion within the UFODRIVE fleet.

In contrast to other electric cars - most of them in the premium sector -  the Sion comes at a projected price of €25,500, making it an affordable car for personal purchase as well as renting.

Adapting to mobility needs

The Sion will help UFODRIVE expand its mobility services beyond daily rental to also provide a free-floating, shared fleet of electric, solar powered cars to meet customer demand.

Community eager to access zero-emissions mobility

Both UFODRIVE and Sono Motors have a strong international community of customers who value state-of-the-art technologies and are eager to help accelerate the transition to zero-emission and sustainable mobility.

Earlier this year, Sono Motors leveraged this passionate community to raise over €50 million through crowdfunding. Encouraged by this success, UFODRIVE has opted to part-fund its latest investment round via crowdfunding and looks forward to fulfilling its mission and expansion plans with this support. Click here to find out more about UFODRIVE’s crowdfunding campaign.

Aidan McClean (CEO at UFODRIVE) We believe the Sion will become the first solar car to go into volume production and its solar recharging capabilities will make it the ideal car for carsharing use in cities. 

Thomas Hausch (COO at Sono Motors) We are thrilled to work with UFODRIVE in providing clean, affordable and easily shareable mobility to a new and growing group of customers: people who are defining their transportation needs by the ease of use and the carbon footprint they leave behind.

UFODRIVE: 10 Million kms Driven, 1 Million kgs of Co2 Saved

The UK plans to ban sales of diesel and petrol cars from 2030, alongside a suite of countries around the world with similar visions for a net zero future. 

Not only is this an important move for the sustainability of automotive transport and atmospheric health, it leaves a huge amount of space for innovation in the e-mobility space. More and more consumers are choosing to rent cars rather than buy them, and opting for electric over fuel. This behaviour has enabled international car rental startup UFODRIVE to take a leading position in the market, its services spanning 17 locations across 8 countries in under two years. 

UFODRIVE’s USP is rooted in its 100% electric, 100% digital fleet that has drastically changed the consumer rental experience for a number of reasons. Firstly, commuters can forget the long queues and paperwork associated with traditional renting. Instead, they get access to premium electric cars, in prime locations, with a simple and transparent app-based rental process that cuts all the unnecessary legwork out of transportation. Secondly, the service isn’t limited to individual drivers. Everything that’s available to a regular customer is also available as a SaaS for Fleet users. UFODRIVE’s EV Mobility Platform introduces thousands of drivers to the benefits of EV driving.

When it comes to the SaaS element, UFODRIVE has ironed out many of the kinks previously associated with electric fleets. Their network of 140,000 connected chargers and in-app alerting system that provides drivers with in-journey prompts on when, where and how to charge eliminate all the primary concerns surrounding the efficacy of electric vehicles at industrial scale. Their robust e-mobility platform aims to unlock 5x industry margins for fleet operations, while enabling fleet operators to switch to and scale an EV fleet quickly and seamlessly. Their first customers are already live, with even more in the immediate pipeline.

From an environmental perspective, the benefits of UFODRIVE’s fully electric mobility solutions, at individual and fleet level, are incontrovertible. According to internal estimates, the startup has already saved over one million kilograms of Co2, helping the countries it operates in contribute to sustainability goals and climate change action targets, and eliminating the particle pollution associated with combustion engines. 

From a mobility perspective, UFODRIVE’s users have gone further, faster – saving time, hassle and admin while travelling over 10 million kilometres completely emissions-free. Their model is customer-centric at its core, which has helped the business achieve the highest net promoter score in car rental, globally. Their commitment to building a dynamic and community-driven growth engine, powered by membership scheme, loyalty and referral bonuses, and climate rewards scheme positions the business well to continue growth in the way of customer acquisition.

With almost £1.4 million raised so far, over 400 Seedrs investors have joined UFODRIVE to help fuel a move to a better solution for customers and the planet. With sights on at least 6 new locations in 2021, including two new UK locations, UFODRIVE has global ambitions, powerful technology and a vision for sustainable, hassle-free mobility.

To find out more about UFODRIVE, visit the campaign now.


UFODRIVE wants to fund expansion through crowdfunding

By the end of 2021, UFODRIVE wants to set up between six and ten new locations in Germany. Locations are planned in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich, among others – at “attractive locations for business travelers,” such as airports. UFODRIVE is already present in German-speaking countries in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Vienna. The company has opened a financing round to further develop.

Luxembourg-based startup UFODRIVE, which rents out electric cars via app in several European cities, has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Money is now being raised on a financing platform for the company’s expansion plans.

Just a few days after launching the campaign, UFODRIVE reported that it has already collected more than 80 percent of its target amount of $2 million (1.5 million pounds). The Luxembourg-based company intends to use the funds to drive forward the expansion of its software solution and its activities in Europe.

UFODRIVE explicitly relies on an app-based business model, through which the rental process can be completed around the clock and “in just a few steps.” In addition, the startup focuses exclusively on electric cars. This focus has enabled it to buck the trend in the crisis year of 2020, opening new locations, and doubling its customer base, UFODRIVE shares. In the past two years, the company says it has opened 17 locations in eight countries.

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In addition to the United Kingdom, Germany is now to be the main focus: 

The electric car rental company UFODrive is expanding into further cities. As of now, the Tesla Model 3 and Model S are available for rent at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and at three locations in London.

With the new locations, the company is now active in a total of twelve European cities. The entire rental process is purely app-based. The vehicles are picked up and dropped off at fixed stations.

Anyone in Berlin who wants to rent an electric car for a day can now do so at Potsdamer Platz in the “Mall of Berlin” parking garage. The company has entered into a partnership with APCOA for this purpose. The parking garage now offers the Tesla Model 3 for $120 (€99) and the Model S for $181 (€149) per day. The price also includes commercial insurance and three additional drivers.

By the end of 2021, UFODrive wants to set up between six and ten new locations in Germany. Locations are planned in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich, among others – at “attractive locations for business travelers,” such as airports. UFODrive is already present in German-speaking countries in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Vienna.

For the end of 2021, the startup is also aiming to make the leap across the Atlantic. The goal is to tap into the U.S. market, starting with locations on the West Coast, according to the company’s headquarters. In addition to the rental car business, UFODrive also launched a fleet management software for e-cars in the summer of 2020, which is not only used for its own purposes, but is also available to other companies.


(Featured image by Jteder via Pixabay)

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