The EV rental app that’s out of this world

The EV rental app that’s out of this world

“Let’s get an UFO”. It will be one of those everyday statements. Like “let’s get an Uber”.

UFODRIVE is the world’s first all-digital, all-electric, 24 hr premium car rental app that’s taking over the future. It was founded in 2018 by CEO Aidan McClean, who had one too many horrible rental experiences and decided to fix it.

Now it’s in 8 countries and London is the 12th of Europe’s glamorous cities to hail UFODRIVE.  From Paris to Vienna, a pandemic can’t stop their success. They posted 108% growth in 2020, won Startup of the Year and made headlines around the globe when they hit their £1.5 million Seedrs crowdfunding mark by halftime. And it’s easy to see why.

All you need is a smartphone, or someone who has one. Book the car and location, let the app guide you to your vehicle, unlock using keyless entry and drive. I booked my Tesla (the fleet is mainly Tesla based) in two minutes - no paperwork, no people, no fuel, no hidden costs, no emissions. You can extend your rental period or add two extra drivers with just a click on the app dashboard. That really is ‘advanced car rental’.

A Tesla Model 3 (330km range) starts at £85. It sounds like premium price but you get insurance, the first 150 miles, all charging, additional drivers and roadside assistance for free. Comparatively UFODRIVE is actually 20% cheaper than traditional rental companies.

And unlike other rental companies UFODRIVE gives back to you and the planet. The company uses eco-friendly biodegradable chemical cleaning between rentals to keep the process water-free. For every 100 kilograms of CO2 saved by a customer, UFODRIVE also donates €1 to green energy funds across the world. And your saved CO2 is recycled as cashback redeemable against your next booking.

The company’s philosophy is “everything is customer service focused'“ and it shows. From the support guides on the app, to the 24/7 chat team, the phone lines, the range and recharge alerts - you are looked after on an individual basis. UK manager Jonathan Shine tells me he even goes as far as to ring drivers if they haven’t seen their zero miles recharge alert, so that he can guide them to their nearest charging point.


This flawless consumer experience means UFO hardly spends on marketing - they can rely on word of mouth. I’ve certainly told everyone about them. As a car reviewer, this was a test driving first for me. I was trying out a new way of driving, a new type of mobility, a new lifestyle solution. And like every other customer I’m converted. I won’t hire a car without UFODRIVE in the future, nor will I let anyone else. 

For Shine consumer conversion is the reason they have no worries about future competition. ‘During a time when rental companies are being decimated by the lack of footfall from travel, tourism and business, UFODRIVE is taking all the custom. Customers are preferring professionally chemically cleaned cars and contactless over a user-shared system.” It wasn’t modelled for a pandemic (what was?) but like all the big winners of this year, being lightyears ahead pays off.

UFODRIVE proves you either get onboard with electric or you get left behind. As an EV enthusiast I am already sold but most consumers don’t like change and they certainly don’t want to lead the crowd. UFO demonstrates why electric is inevitable: Electric cars provide century-defining digital and technological lifestyle advances, even before the benefit of being environmentally friendly. UFODRIVE offers individuals and business a sleek, simple, sexy solution to their mobility problems and gives them the green eco tick too. Eco is just the added bonus on top of a life-changing product.


To prove the point Shine tells me: “Customer EV curiosity is one of the biggest parts of the job - people want to ask questions, try out the future, and UFODRIVE gives them a way to do that. The two-way market research emboldens customers to buy their first electric car.” After a dreamy drive in these automatic noiseless gliding machines that’s no surprise. Want to try electric before you buy? Get a UFO.

The only downside is the minimum age - you have to be twenty-six to rent a UFO (not dissimilar to most rental companies.) Shine confirmed it’s the insurance restrictions not UFODRIVE’s own policy, but I hope as the fleet grows the age could be lowered on some cars.

Feedback keeps growing the horizons for UFODRIVE. On the day I interview Shine his London office announces another industry first: EV delivery direct to your door. For those people who can’t get out or don’t want to use public transport your car is delivered to you. Londoners asked, UFODRIVE delivered - literally. London has exceeded expectations and UFO is adding new EVs as soon as they hit the market - Ford, Polestar, VW to name a few. The company’s huge crowdfunding success means up to ten new locations in Germany and a move to the US are in the works.


And UFODRIVE will be taking consumers with them every step of the way to their lightning-fast world domination. Customers are falling over themselves to join the ride by investing in UFODRIVE’s Seedrs crowdfunding. With 9 days to go for me it’s a no brainer.

The ultimate praise from a car reviewer is to buy the car. I’m going one better - investing in the company. That’s how dazzling the new UFO planet is.

To book with UFODRIVE visit their website or download the app. (Available on IOS and Android.)

To invest in their crowdfunding visit their Seedrs page. (9 days to go - ends February 22nd 2021.)

Watch me drive around Paris with UFODRIVE to get the experience.