UFODRIVE is taking mobility revolution to the next level with electric car rental and shared mobility

Invest in the biggest mobility revolution since the Model T Ford

In 1908, Henry Ford launched his legendary Model T automobile with the words, “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” The joke underlined the fact that the ground Ford was breaking went far beyond personal colour preferences. The real message stopped at, “Any customer can have a car…” and with that, Ford set about raising capital investment. With the benefit of hindsight, who wouldn't have invested in the Ford Motor Company?

A century later, the paradigm is shifting from “cars for all” to “mobility made easy… and green”. The internal combustion engine, given ubiquity by Ford, is now ready to be retired. The future of mobility is electric and digital.

Uber began the revolution by embracing digital to disrupt the taxi market; now UFODRIVE is taking it to the next level with car rental and shared mobility. Via an app on your phone, you can find a hire car near you, pay for it, unlock it and drive it away, without any of the hassle associated with legacy car rentals. No queuing, no paperwork, no confusing fuel options or pressure to buy expensive insurance.

And no pollution either. All UFODRIVE’s cars are electric, meaning it’s not only future proof for a world in which governments are pledging to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030, but it’s achieving Net Zero years ahead of UN targets. In fact, by contributing to Ark2030 to help global environment regeneration, UFODRIVE is carbon negative.

In just two years UFODRIVE has become the spearhead for the digital car rental revolution. As the world’s first digital, all electric rental service, it has trounced the rest of the global rental market with a Net Promoter Score 10 times higher than its nearest competitor. In that time it has launched in 17 locations in eight countries, with 20 more locations signed up and ready to go, and there is plenty more room to grow.

UFODRIVE’s electric fleet of rental cars is supported by a network of over 140,000 fast chargers, all findable via the app. In fact, UFODRIVE’s fully automated e-mobility software platform is so efficient and easy to use that other businesses are buying it as a SaaS product to manage their own transition to electric fleets.

With two pioneering revenue streams, it’s not surprising that investors are getting on board with UFODRIVE. In 2020, when international tourism fell by well over 50%, the company grew by 108%. It’s currently raising funds through a Seedrs campaign, which hit its target of £1.5million just half way in. The campaign is running until 19 February and UFODRIVE is inviting further investment.

This is a convertible loan investment structure and all investors in this round, including Seedrs investors, will receive A Class shares on conversion. The company currently has three classes of shares: Preferred Shares, A Class Shares and Ordinary Shares. Full details can be found on the Seedrs campaign website here.

It’s not every day that an opportunity comes along to invest in a truly groundbreaking venture and contribute to a sustainable future for the planet. A century from now, they’ll be looking back and saying, “With the benefit of hindsight, who wouldn’t have invested in UFODRIVE?”

To learn more about the campaign and how you can invest, please go to seedrs.com/ufodrive

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[disclaimer] Investing carries risks, including loss of capital and illiquidity. Please read the Seedrs risk warning before investing.