UFODRIVE's crowdfund has officially opened

Car Rental Company UFODRIVE Now Seeking £1.5 Million Through Seedrs Round

UFODRIVE, a Luxembourg-based car rental company, is now seeking £1.5 million through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. Founded in 2018, UFODRIVE claims to be the world’s fastest and easiest car rental experience, using a 100% electric fleet.

Leading the electric revolution, UFODRIVE now also provides the all-in-one eMobility platform to those who are shifting to electric fleets.

UFODRIVE further revealed that it goes beyond Net Zero emissions by operating a 100% clean fleet plus making contributions, via Ark2030, to help global environment regeneration.

We set out to radically improve car rental and accelerate the transition to electric mobility. We eliminated everything you don’t like about renting a car and re-invented a fully customer-focused experience that is 100% digital, 100% electric and we believe, better on every level. No more queues, poor service, confusing options or polluting emissions. Instead, you get premium electric cars, in prime locations, with a simple & transparent app-based rental process that eliminates all the usual hassle.

The company has 17 locations and 8 countries in just two years, expanding further with a growing community of loyal, repeat customers and poised to disrupt the $130 billion rental market. UFODRIVE has two main revenue streams:

  • Rental: Direct rental revenue from our locations. We already have a well-established network of 17 prime locations across 8 countries. New locations can bring in revenue from day 1.
  • SaaS Platform: Implementation and subscription fees for new and existing customers. Targeted customers are companies, fleet operators, shared fleets, last-mile operators, etc. Basically, anyone who has realized that the clock has already started ticking on the de-carbonization of mobility and looking to quickly convert to or scale up electric fleets.

Funds from the Seedrs campaign will be used to expand and develop the UFODRIVE platform.