Our Story

The inspiration to create UFODRIVE.com struck our CEO, Aidan McClean, after many frustrating car rental experiences. His experience motivated Aidan to solve a problem he knows many busy travelers are facing every day.

“Following another particularly poor customer experience at a major European Airport involving a long queue at the car rental booth, confusing insurance and extras options, pushy sales reps, slow paper-based process and then trying to find the car, which wasn’t the model I had ordered, I decided there was going to be better way!”

“When I returned the car, I was hit with more unexpected extra charges. The whole rental cost double what was advertised - I had enough!”

On the flight home Aidan sketched out the concept for a car rental experience, from a totally customer-centric perspective and these are now our guiding principles:

  • Easy booking
  • No Paperwork
  • Transparent all-inclusive and simple pricing
  • No Queuing - Arrive and Drive with a fast straight to car process
  • No refueling
  • No confusing insurance options
  • Great Car
  • Great value for money

Partnering with COO, Renaud Marquet, they set out to examine the car rental business in detail and understand what customers really want. In tandem they studied the coming revolution in electric cars. The answer is UFODRIVE.com, the first all-digital, all-electric car rental company.


“We are passionate and believe in our vision to create an incredible customer experience, simple, fast, easy and modern! Applying my business transformation experience and Renaud’s passion for easy to use technology, we have developed a cool and powerful app that automates car rental,” says Aidan.

“We have redesigned the entire car rental process from the ground up. Using our experience designing and implementing transformational technology in Financial Services for over 20 years we put the customer at the center and created the fastest, smoothest way to rent,” says Renaud.

With UFODRIVE.com there's no nasty or unexpected charges, just transparent pricing and a fleet of premium electric cars that all come with a customer focused experience and value for money. Better again our fleet includes the amazing Tesla Model S.

By combining the smartphone revolution with the coming electric car revolution, UFODRIVE.com has developed something unique. Our car rental location the ‘UFO Landing Bay’ is where you can arrive and drive – all with just your smartphone.

We truly hope you enjoy the UFODRIVE.com experience…we have had great support so far and you will soon see us all over Europe ... and beyond!

Aidan & Renaud