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No key pick-up
No paperwork rental
No Queues car hire
Super Fast car hire
Quick rental car find
Closest location
Revolutionary car rental
Premium electric cars
All-inclusive rental
No hidden charges
Best value car rental
Fully automated rental
Easiest way to rent a car
No refueling
Clean car hire
Zero emissions

How it works


  • Easy sign up with fast, guided booking system
  • All inclusive drive-away car hire price - no hidden extras
  • Select from our fleet of premium zero emissions all electric cars
  • 100% automated car rental process: no paperwork
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  • Use the app to easily find and unlock your rental car
  • No key pick-up - arrive and drive with no car rental queues
  • Digital car inspection
  • No fuel costs: our cars are 100% electric
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  • Our app guides you to the car return bay
  • Easy fully automated car rental return service
  • No refueling - simply park up and go
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Rent electric across our expanding network
Select one of our 100% electric cars

Model 3

New Nissan Leaf

  • Significant update of the previous model
  • 250km range, widely available charging
  • Elegant design, generous cabin space
  • E-pedal, innovative driving economy mode
  • Deceptively agile and reactive
Book Now - from 59€/day*
Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Coming soon
Model S

Tesla Model S

  • The future of mobility - incomparable drive
  • 380km range. Easy supercharging network
  • Safest car on the road
  • Incredible driving performance
  • Unparalleled comfort and space
Book Now - from 119€/day*

Jaguar I-Pace

  • Highly anticipated EV from Jaguar
  • Up to 470km range, convenient charging
  • 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds
  • Eye-catching design, airy cabin space
  • All wheel drive, supremely comfortable
Book Now - from 129€/day*
* As part of multi-day booking


UFO LANDING BAY is now open in Luxembourg Airport
and Brussels Airport
Multiple new rental locations currently underway across Europe...


Unique new product with instant Tesla rental and hotel stay all in one... Discover more


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